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ChimneyHillLotI’ve been doing this for a while now and for the for the first time in my career, vacant lots are a premium.

Consider a few thoughts; 1) Once available lots in King’s Grant are sold out. I’ve watched lots in KG sit for a decade. I’m bringing this up because as far as Downtown Columbia, SC is concerned, King’s Grant is a ‘newer’ neighborhood. That said, all the sudden in a year or so all of them have been scooped up and are now occupied by brand new homes (Some aren’t finished yet). 2) I can name two vacant lots that have fetched $450,000 in the last few months. Yes, I just typed that from my keyboard.  One in Heathwood. One in Forest Lake. Sullivan’s Island pluff mud in the backyard? No. Inlet creek view? No. Truth told, one of the “lots” had a house on it, so that may not count as ‘vacant’ in your book. Here’s the thing; The new owner is going to raze the house and build new. So…that soon to be vacant lot will be closer to $475,000 ‘all in.’ 3) The flood. The 1,000 year flood, via a few steps such as insurance and FEMA, for better or for worse, created vacant lots. For example, land that once domiciled a $250,000 ranch style home is now the earthen base of a $699,000 build job.

Each one of these points could and probably should deserve its own blog post (I’m sure some of you are wondering, “$450K? WuUuUtT?”) That said, here’s where I’m going with this; Two lots just became available that are ready to build on in a super popular area of “Downtown Columbia.” 723 Chimney Hill and 5 Sandy Knoll are clear cut, level, and ready to build vacant lots in the Hampton Crest Estates Neighborhood. Hampton Crest Estates is a collection of custom homes in a beautiful, executive/exclusive neighborhood that enjoys the benefit of a gated pool.

Check out the link as we’ll be adding plats and surveys soon. In the meantime, be thinking of your favorite floor plans and/or your dream home….and if you or anyone you know would like to know more about these stellar lots, please don’t hesitate to call 803-447-8683 or email . We’d love to hook you up with a few builder options, too.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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