Bucking Headlines With Production

As Amanda and I see friends around town, the first question many of them ask is, “How’s the market?” or “How’s business?” When we respond with, “Great!” or “Kinda awesome…” we get some surprised facial expressions, to say the least.
Bucking the national trend, we have a lot going on in the form of offers, contracts, and closings in the works. Above are pics of homes on Olde Knight Pkwy, Blossom St, and Wheat St that are scheduled to close soon. Add Whittaker Dr, Kathwood Dr, and another one on Blossom St to the mix and we’ve got a pretty good month going. Heck, even Chester St (the one that was featured on The Today Show) went under contract today.
Obviously I’m not posting this to boast (that’s a sure jinx!) but rather to report that there’s some movement in the downtown Columbia real estate marketplace. No doubt we have a lot of signs (listings) out there, but our recent track record shows that if a house is move-in ready and offered at a fair price, we can procure offers.
Amanda and I thank you for using us and thank everyone for any referrals. We can’t wait to ramp up production in the 4th quarter to make 2010 a banner year. Keep it coming!


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