Bolen Hall @ King’s Grant, 29209!

By the time many of you wake up Friday morning this awesome house will be on the market in one of Downtown Columbia’s most popular Neighborhoods – King’s Grant!

Many folks love the front four cul-de-sacs before the “big stop sign” in King’s Grant (Airy Hall & Bolen Hall) for the easy in/easy out access to the Neighborhood.

Well, here ya go!!! – 24 S. Bolen Hall Court, Columbia, SC 29209. 

As many of you know, King’s Grant has an active neighborhood pool and swim team, 5 tennis courts (w/ lights), 24-hour gate service, walking trails, fishing ponds, clubhouse, visiting blue herons and white egrets, herds of whitetail deer, and, currently, five goslings waddling around the streets and creeks.

DM, or text 803-447-8683, or email for the details of this house and others that are on their way to the market and I’ll tell you what I know.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones



  1. Clarence Taylor says

    Thanks for letting my in-laws (Greta Zimmerman and David Jewell) take a look at the house this morning. Heidi and I would like to see the house tomorrow (Sunday) if possible or Monday morning (owner’s schedule and yours permitting, of course). We live in Manassas, Virginia. We would depart early in the morning and can be there by 3:00. Appreciate it.

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