BofA is Buying Countrywide

Some are calling Bank of America’s purchase of Countrywide a “non-government bailout”. In any other market, this deal would probably be halted in the halls of Congress, in the name of “anti-trust.” Either way, Bank of America is now the nations largest mortgage supplier, far and away…
P.S. BofA’s online banking is awesome…


  1. I’m a little obsessed with BofAs online banking…hands down, the best out there.

  2. Thanks for the kudos on your blog! Bank of America does have great online banking!

  3. started with them in September when their MMA paid over 5%. Now they’re paying in the 3% range–lower than INGDirect. I like their online banking/mortgage profile system too but they sure have cut their rates fast.

  4. anonymous,

    Sure thing! I hear there are some pretty good mortgage people over there too!

  5. anonymous,

    Sorry about the rates on your MMA. That’s never good.

    I don’t think anyone comes close to BofA online.

  6. I too do some banking with B of A. While I do love thier online banking, I find their rates to, well, come up short. My savings money is with First Command Bank. Their MMA rates are 2.55% at $1 and then go to 3.6% at $25,000 or more. B of A’s best rate is 3.3% but you have to have $2,500,000.00 to get that.

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