Family Fun @ BoomTown!

As many of you know or saw on Facebook via Jennifer’s page, all three of my girls had birthdays last week. Ivey and Nora were born on Aug. 20 and Finley on Aug. 21. When most folks hear this timeline the reaction is usually, “Oh, that’s convenient. Knock it all out, right?”  Wellllllllllll………’s not quite that way. Note: These dates are also the day before and the first day of the school year.

That said, a week earlier, while I was in Austin, TX at Keller William’s Mega Camp, Finley said to Jennifer, “I wanna go to BoomTown for my birthday.” Perfect! A quick trip to Charleston was a fun idea!

We did allll we could do – lunch at Fleet Landing, hit the SC Aquarium, Rooftop bar, swam in the hotel pool, candy stores, strolled the market, walked The Battery (watched a wedding), late-nighted at Rue de Jean, Shem Creek, pedicab/rickshaw rides, walked around a historic neighborhood, and of course, visited the amazing and wonderful BoomTown real estate technology campus (think Google for real estate teams…w/ bing bags, ping-pong, indoor basketball court, and a dozen or so dogs laying beside their owners).

Why did she ask to visit BoomTown? BoomTown has been the ecosphere of our real estate practice for years now. Data, marketing, our google relationship, Zillow funnel, the whole bit. More accurately: All three girls have been looking at BoomTown schwag all of their lives. Hats, my socks, coffee mugs, pop-sockets, Swell bottles, headrests, and most of their nightgowns/pajamas are small BoomTown T-Shirts.

If you don’t go to the beach or mountains often, I hight recommend taking a quick trip to Greenville or Charleston and packing in all you can find and do. It’s exhausting, but the memories that these mini-trips provide are priceless.

I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my buddy, Mac Hill, at BoomTown. He left his desk to give Jennifer and our girls their birthday tour and made it a big deal and super fun for them.

Thank you, MAC HILL & BOOMTOWN!!!

Franklin Jones

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