Big Day! It’s The First Day of School!

Finley Will Be Great But Wife Will Need Lots of Hugs
Monday morning is sure to be a dramatic time for our little family as Finley has her first day of school. I’m sure most dads are either stoic about the event or at least feel some sort of anxiety about their childs first day of day school. For me, I’m much more worried about my wife than I am my daughter

Since I haven’t gone through the motions yet I’m not certain how things will go. However, I can say with all authority that my wife will be resemble a 10 zone Rainbird sprinkler system. Ooof.

I can’t decide if I should drive separately to the school. If Jenna is unable to leave the parking lot and my phone starts blowing up, it could easily turn a sweet scene into a tense one. Typing this paragraph actually just tipped the scales to driving separate cars.

For months we’ve had a great day care system. Having two awesome nannies (one morning and one afternoon) has been an awesome situation. Getting into a good day school system however will cost us about half of what we’re spending now. Wallets notwithstanding, I’m sure Jenna, Finley and I will be happy with our new endeavor.

Even though I’m sure I don’t need to go for Finley’s sake, I feel like I need to be there. My wife is going to need someone to hug.


  1. I hope everything went well!

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