Big Action @Columbia Real Estate Sales

100 Listings & A Lot Pending.  Columbia RE Is Hot!
You may have heard the downtown Columbia real estate market has picked up a bit.  The rumors are true!

Many of my friends tell me that we’re probably not the greatest gauge of what’s really going on out there, as we really never experienced a slowdown. OK, I get that, and that’s probably true. However, I still know a boost when I see it.

The pic above is an updated whiteboard of our current property count (pretty close, anyway). As of last Friday, we proudly represent 103 listings, and enjoyed 33 Pending Contracts. At first glance, you may say, “Well, that looks like a lot, Franklin, but that’s not a hundred.” If you lean forward and squint a little, you’ll see each cell is double booked… and there are two columns.

The reason for the imperfect count is because things are always moving (pardon the pun). For instance, since Friday, quite a few changes have been made. We’ve had closings in the last few days, which obviously shifts the numbers. Rigby, Alpine, Hampton Trace, S. Holly, and Shady Lane are good examples what’s finally “popped.” Closing attorney, David Ross @MG&C, knows first hand what’s going on, as I’ve been there every business day since Friday afternoon.

Thank goodness for the closings. Without exaggeration, our office space has been an absolute steam pot of pressure. With so many “Pending,” the task/chore list was blowing off the charts, and pulling us all over town. After all, there are only so many hours in the day!  However, thanks to deep breaths, strategy, and patience, we’re making it work.

When Amanda joined our team, I envisioned a listing count of around 50 homes. Well, in Feburary, Coldwell Banker held a two-month listing contest, and in the spirit of competition, we recorded 49 listings in that period. #BOOM! (Note: Even though we produced 300+% more than our friendly competitors, we STILL didn’t win the iPad drawing. BOOOO. Congrats to CB-Lexington’s Terrance Smith!)

What I’m getting at, simply put, is that downtown Columbia real estate is churning at a pretty good clip, and our “board” is a good snapshot of the action.

If you or anyone you know is ready to take advantage of this action packed market, we’d love to be “Your Realtor(s).”  Call or email or

Thank you for your business, referrals, and for being part of the best real estate network in South Carolina!

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