Bath Time, Twins, & Laundry Baskets

imageIf you know me well or follow this blog, you’re probably aware that I love a laundry basket… not necessarily for laundry of course.

For instance, who needs a suitcase when you have a laundry basket? It may look a little funny, and you may have to overcome some initial embarrassment, but its worth it. After all, a laundry basket will hold far more than a zipped-up suitcase.

All you do is fill the bottom with shoes and pile on from there. Or, line your shoes around the perimeter, soles facing out (duh), and fill in the middle with clothes well above the brim – socks and belts inside the shoes. It may not work for an airplane unless a ton of duct tape is involved, but for cruising to the beach or the SC Upstate it works perfectly.

Fast forward to today. After a trip to the pool, I toted Ivey and Nora up the steps towards their bed/bathroom. Well, Jen had two laundry baskets waiting in the tub. #Score! For kids who can barely sit up by themselves, this is an awesome way to bathe two. It’s clever at worst, dead simple genius at best.

It gets a little better. What you can’t see are towels at the bottom of each basket. Why the towels? To keep their butts from sliding around the slippery plastic, of course!

This pic is probably headed to Jen’s Pinterest account.


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