Awesome Weekend @ “Black Magic!”

blackmagicblackmagicnightblackmagicbackhorsesbeachThis weekend we found ourselves on the beautiful coast of South Carolina as ten friends, Jen and I successfully achieved a major hang-out weekend.

We watched a TON of college football, including the Gamecocks early in the day, and continued into the night with the Clemson and Michigan drama.

As awesome as the weekend already was, the surprise, and perhaps the star of the show was the sheer amount of horses that walked and galloped by as we watched from the expansive ocean view.

Turns out, a massive and creative fundraiser was domiciled just down the beach from where we were staying. More than 800 horses were in attendance, carrying their owners on a 20 mile beach ride for a good cause.

The view of the Atlantic was perfect already, but the continual parade of horses strolling on the beach created a rare spectacle.

HUGE shout out to my brother and sister-in-laws, Jeff and Stephanie Black. I hadn’t been to “Black Magic” since the construction phase. It is beautiful and badass, and provides a perfect platform for a fantastic time. THANK YOU!!!

We all had a grand time, especially the moms that needed “that weekend” away from…well, anything. One mom didn’t come out of her room until around 3ishPM on Saturday. What happened? She got a round of applause from the rest of us…haha.

Personally, I had a blast, admittedly, but am glad to get back to the day to day of what we do.

Side Note; If you ever want a stellar house somewhere between Garden City/Surfside and Myrtle Beach, “Black Magic” is ready to go.

Thank you!!

Franklin Jones


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