New Flagship Sale @ Hamptons, 29209.

OldeKnightFrontOldeKnightDenOldeKnightPool2This sale is sure to turn a few heads in The Hamptons/Olde Woodlands part of town. Monday afternoon 6309 Olde Knight Parkway closed for a good number. The home is 4,575 square feet and fetched $645,000, respectively.

This is the second time we’ve sold this stellar house in the last couple of years. It is “done” from top to bottom and has even been featured in a local magazine spread. In short, “Old Knight” has it all and is pretty bada**.”

Congratulations to the buyers and sellers of this beautiful downtown home, and YAY for the folks in the area that can use the closing as a comparable sale for the next 12 months.

Thank you!!

Franklin Jones

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