Auburn University Has a Problem

Reminds Me of Comments About USC’s Strong
Below is a “Re-Blog” from a post from FitsNews. Fits is right when he says that Auburn has a public relations nightmare regarding their “non-hire.”

I remember a few years ago when some of my buddies thought that Charlie Strong (former USC defensive coordinator), would never be the head coach of the Gamecocks because of the same issue. As I raised an eyebrow then, now Coach Strong is the defensive coordinator of the University of Florida…The team playing for the National Championship…AGAIN.

I know it’s probably “not that simple” and that timing is everything, but I’m just thinking out loud here. Actually, I think Auburn had a knee jerk reaction to ONE bad season, and should have kept Tuberville.
If what my buddies said is true, the only reason the Gamecocks didn’t experience what Auburn is going through is because USC had legends at the top (Holtz/Spurrier), instead of a coach with a 5-19 record.

Having said this, Coach Chizik can make it all go away. All he has to do is win. FJ

FitsNews – The University of Auburn and the Southeastern Conference are dealing with a public relations nightmare today after a highly-qualified African-American coach was passed over for the Tigers’ head coaching job, allegedly because he has a white wife.

Ordinarily we’re inclined to dismiss this sort of thing, but in this case it’s not just former Auburn standout Charles Barkley alleging racism at his Alma mater.

According to football writer Mark Schlabach, two SEC head football coaches told him that Buffalo’s Turner Gill would never get the Auburn job because he is married to a white woman.

You can watch that video report here.

Plus there’s the obvious question of qualifications.

Gill has transformed Buffalo’s football program from one of the nation’s worst to a bowl-eligible team in just three seasons. The Bulls won the Mid-American Championship this year, and in a twist of Alabama irony, he’s a finalist for the Paul “Bear” Bryant College Football Coach of the Year award.

Gene Chizik, the guy Auburn hired, went 5-19 in two seasons at Iowa State.

Hmmm …

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