AQP Digital Board Was Fun Advertising

It’s not much of a secret I enjoy exploring marketing and advertising opportunities. In doing so, I try to stay consistent with the brand our practice tries to project: polished, and sometimes clever.  That said, the marketing project in the above pics was just plain fun.
As fun as it was, the billboard on Garner’s Ferry Rd. certainly created some buzz, but few know what it’s all about. Some downtown Realtors thought Coldwell Banker, United, purchased the board, and some still ask about it (the message typeface is kinda small). Yesterday, at a morning birthday party, a great client of mine asked, “Franklin, what’s up with that billboard?  If Amanda’s ‘the best,’ why do I use you?”  HA! 
Here’s the rub. As Amanda and I work tirelessly to produce our sales numbers, we weren’t registered as a “team” by the corporate Coldwell Banker brass in New Jersey. Well, as I’m invited to sit on real estate panels, and receive production awards, Amanda wasn’t receiving her proper due. To be clear, she doesn’t care one thing about that stuff. Nevertheless, it didn’t sit well with me. Actually, it was festering in my gut.
In short, when I learned we weren’t registered as a team, I felt overly compelled to do something.  Thinking… brainstorming… thinking… BOOM!  Billboard = Spot On Perfect. 
The moment the idea hit, I called Lamar Advertising to secure a spot, and asked Amy to get the art going… QUICKLY. I was so adamant about the board hitting immediately (the same day as CB’s Awards/Recognition breakfast), that Finley and I met the Lamar sales rep around 8PM in his Forest Hills front yard. Thanks to him, and perfect spec art from Amy, the board was up the next morning.
Now, I should’ve known better than to think Amanda would see her own billboard on her way home that night. Duh!, me. It took texts from her friends, and comments at that night’s bunco group, for her to even know it was there. Worked out great, either way!
That’s the story of the digital billboard on Garner’s Ferry Rd. It’s one of the most fun marketing efforts I’ve done to date. Moreover, however, I wanted her to know when she joined our practice at Coldwell Banker, that she made the right decision.
PS/Disclaimer:  The word “REALTOR” should be in all caps, as it’s a trademarked logo.  I think it was changed after the live pic above was snapped.

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