Animal Lovers Now Despise Eagles

City of Brotherly Love Is Getting Re-Branded
In one fail swoop the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL may have become the most hated franchise in team sports. To compete for this designation the Eagles didn’t lie, cheat or steal…but gambled.
The signing of Michael Vick is obviously a P.R. nightmare for anyone that would take him. Apparently, if he can help them win a Superbowl, the Eagles are willing to take the nightmare on the chin.
I read all kinds of comments regarding Vick. Some are forgiving and some are damning. The ones that are forgiving usually read something like, “Michael Vick has served his sentence….”
Here’s the rub. People don’t doubt that he served his time society. The folks that loathe him simply don’t think this “sentence” justified his crime.
Fast forward to the Eagles. The goal of the franchise is please their local population (and owner) with wins, not to please worldwide opinion.
If Michael Vick means a win or two for the Eagles, then it’s not worth signing him. If this move means a Superbowl for Philadelphia, they don’t care what anyone thinks.


  1. The problem comes in with Andy Reid having 2 drug addicted, gun-toting sons who have no respect for the law and/or authority. Because he knows his kids need a second chance he wants to do it for Michael Vick.

    UGH—it just makes me sick. As a Philadelphia resident, I am doubly sick. I will not and cannot pull for the Eagles this year. I think I have plenty of company in my stance. I'm not sure what I'll do when the Eagles play Dallas. Maybe I'll just close my eyes.


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