ACC Trumps SEC… in Home Pricing

Boston, Mass. helps the ACC double up on the SEC in a recent study.

Coldwell Banker Performed a College Market Analysis for homes in the communities of 119 Division 1A schools. The model home used was a 2,220 sq. ft. home with 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths w/ a family room and a 2 car garage.

Muncie, Indiana (Home of Ball State University) is the most affordable college town to live in with a $150,000 average price for the model home. For the third straight year, the home of Stanford University is the most expensive. Palo Alto, California’s average price for the home is $1,677,000.00

Below are the rankings for the SEC and ACC respectively. I didn’t think that my readers would be interested in all of the rankings, so I kept it local. Remember, the average price reflects the town/city that the school helps populate. You will have to know the proper city that corresponds with the school to fully appreciate the list.

Recognize that the ACC’s entire average is almost double that of the SEC’s. This is mainly because of Boston and Miami. Boston College is #2 in the entire country, behind #1 Stanford.

You will quickly notice that in both conferences, the South Carolina schools rank least expensive. I must admit, I’m a little surprised that Columbia and Clemson didn’t bring a higher dollar amount than some of the other rural towns on the list. I’m guessing that the only reason that Clemson (which is in Pickens County) topped the $200,000.00 mark, is because of the nice homes on Lake Hartwell, which is a pretty hot lake to live on…

Southeastern Conference – 2007 Avg. Price
University of South Carolina – $198,967
University of Tennessee – $202,450
Mississippi State University – $220,767
University of Kentucky – $234,500
Vanderbilt University – $238,333
University of Alabama – $241,333
University of Georgia – $248,633
Louisiana State University – $250,444
University of Arkansas – $252,950
University of Mississippi – $276,750
Auburn University – $282,600
University of Florida – $305,750
Conference Average Price $246,123

Atlantic Coast Conference – 2007 Avg. Price
Clemson University – $219,600
Wake Forest University – $228,900
Duke University – $229,900
North Carolina State University – $238,000
Virginia Tech University – $292,250
Georgia Tech University – $324,000
Florida State University – $354,538
University of Virginia – $374,080
University of North Carolina – $387,808
University of Maryland – $428,750
University of Miami – $638,333
Boston College – $1,381,250
Conference Average Price $424,784

I think two stats are incredibly interesting: 1) That prices in Gainsville (#1 in the SEC) wouldn’t even make the top half of the ACC. 2) That the cities that house Arkansas, Ole Miss and Auburn have higher home prices than Winston Salem, Durham and Chapel Hill. Interesting, to say the least…


  1. forge ahead says

    whoever would want to live in Starkville is likely blind and was tricked into paying that price

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