A Fella Named Steve Changed Our Times

As much of the world publicly acknowledges the life/death of Steve Jobs, most of them immediately associate him with the impressive and superior products of iPad and iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s incorrect to think this. iPads and iPhones are the devices in millions of hands right now. If you take a few steps back, however, it is even more impressive to think of all this man did and how he changed the world.

For instance, take a good look at the picture above. Think back to the first time you held a floppy disk in your hand. Remember DOS? Remember when we had to punch the arrow buttons on the keyboard to get anywhere on the computer screen? Now, take a look at pic again and notice the “mice,” and reflect on how much we are on the computer each day.

Jobs didn’t just change the computer industry. His iTunes/iPod blew up the music industry and and all the components that go with it, like Henry Ford vaporized the stagecoach of the transportation industry.

Fast forward to the iPhone and iPad. Really and truly, I challenge anyone to find a more superior product in any product category. Cars, shoes, watches, finger nail clippers, sandwich meat, or whatever you can think of, there are few products/brands that are so far ahead of others (in their prime) in their respective categories. Jordan, Tiger, Federer, and Starbucks come to mind. Premium & superlative; Apple.

As I posted before, I fought and fought the idea of joining the iWorld, when in the end, I purchased an iPhone. For some reason, I acted as though Apple was equal to Darth Vader. Stupe on my part.

I like to describe the iPhone as a tight, smooth, brilliant machine with a screen that looks like a rainbow of chrome, with a little melted butter on top to fluidly swipe and pinch. It’s just that fine of a product.

To get back to the point, the man in the pic above changed the world more than once. I mean, how impressive is that? Who knows how the world would operate today without this man’s vision and work.

We can’t help but ask ourselves, “What could be next after things that are as cool as an iPad??” Who knows. Time travel? Traveling hologrammed clones? Maybe Finley and her friends will do a little morphing? We’ll see!

In the meantime, however, we’re able to perform and experience the coolest and most mind-blowing things because of a fella named Steve, and his Apple.

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