A+ Experience, Anna McKie. Thank You!!

annamckieIf you’re in your 20’s or 30’s and have heard a phrase similar to, “Everything changes when you turn 40.” Well, it’s a real thing.

Not everything changes, but dang, don’t take the phrase lightly. You heal differently, and “stuff” starts to come up that has been building up for years that you just think you’re immune to simply because it hasn’t happened yet.

Remember all those days at the lake, pool, or golf course with no sun screen? Turn 40ish and you’ll remember, and here’s where I’m going with this. A few weeks ago I noticed a little bump on the side of my face. I was pissed, mostly at myself, but pissed nonetheless. I entered the Columbia Skin Clinic and I felt much better about it all.

First off, Greta Zimmerman is awesome. I’ve been seeing Dr. Zimmerman for a few years now (remember…hyperhidrosis). Enter, Anna McKie. Anna diagnosed my little sun spots and got rid of a few other stupid blemishes without a hitch. That said, while I know I’m a dink case for this crew, I was still a little worried as I’m sure every patient is. Their professionalism and bedside manner is really, really good.

Anna got in my face, eye to eye, like I needed her to. She took care of the physical part (‘it is what it is’ part), and the worry part (pat on the back…reassurance) like a boss.

In all, no big deal regarding my procedure. Still, when you have three little girls, things matter more than they did before.

No one asked me to write this and she may get mad at me for the pic I chose and that’s OK (I can change it depending on her mad level). I just wanted to give a proper thank you to the skin pros at Columbia Skin Clinic and my buds Greta and Anna.

Special shout out to the front and back desks of the operation, too. They were professional, full of smiles, organized (I was in and out), and most importantly…so nice.

Well done, and thank you Anna and The Columbia Skin Clinic.

Franklin Jones

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