A.C. Flora Cheer Clinic Is A Hit.

FinleyEmilyCheerCheerClinicIf you’d ever like to find an example of a good idea that’s turned into a great one, look no further than A.C. Flora’s Summer Cheer Clinic. Holy moly as far as camp attendance and mom/dad support is concerned, this is a hit.

Around 11:15 AM Thursday morning the Flora gym bleachers were packed with parents to watch 200 or so little girls put on a show. I think I heard correctly that other high schools from around the state were calling this camp to inquire about and learn from Flora’s success. I can see why!

Well done to the parents, teachers, and cheerleaders who put this together for the younger girls of the Downtown Columbia, and Forest Acres areas. While our three girls are only five (almost 6) and one (almost 2), it’s already exciting to see the enthusiasm and parental involvement of our community, first hand.

Thank you!


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