A Bit Much, Of A Dancing Carpet Pad

On Saturday around 1:00, we decided to get in the car and travel to Covington, GA for a 5:00 wedding. We were just late enough to miss the actual ceremony, sit in the parking lot for a few minutes, before entering the reception. It was a nice affair, and I’m glad we went.

I’m well aware, most of my friends have had kids longer than Finley has been with us, and they know cartoons and musical programs, all too well. That said, I’m officially freeking, “Barney’d Out.”

Three hours to Covington on Saturday, two+ hours to Anderson, and two more hours back to Columbia on Sunday, is seven hours of this big piece of purple carpet padding. During the trip, our car stereo wasn’t on one time. Of course, two or three hours in the hotel room Saturday night…..Barney. Sunday mornings that used to be filled with, “Meet The Press” and “This Week”….Barney.

After a long weekend of giving hugs and visiting with loved ones, we returned to Columbia around 8ish. Tonight, with fresh pajamas, a new bot-bot in tow, we set up for pre-bed family time with, you got it….Barney.

Thank goodness for Twitter, and other cool apps. If I didn’t have a good/endless Twitter feed to keep up with real world stuff, I’d prolly be curled up in the back of the vehicle in the fetal.

I’m glad Finley is happy watching a singing puffy beast. But, dern…


  1. Anonymous says

    Jesus. How much tv do you let your kid watch? Buy some Wee Sing CDs and have a sing-a-ling in the car. They're marginally less annoying than Barney and they won't turn your kid's brain to mush.

  2. I only let her watch it in the car, for a little while in the morning while I'm trying to get dressed and 15 – 20 minutes at night while she's drinking her milk, before her book and night-night. I guess that seems like a lot, but in reality it's only an hour or less on a regular a day. Road trips is another story. She still sits backwards in her car seat so it's seems pretty hateful to ask her to sit back there and stare out the window for hours. If she could carry on a conversation, it would be a different story.

  3. Anonymous says

    Read a book to her.

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