54 Foot Point On Market! Here’s Why…

FootPoint54Some may have noticed that the stellar home at 54 Foot Point in King’s Grant is back on the market. What gives, you ask? What happened?

Here’s what’s what: all buyers and sellers showed up at the proper time as per the instructions of the closing attorney; everyone signed all the proper documents; we waited and waited hoping there was a misunderstanding or perhaps a glitch somewhere; day 1, day 2, and on into the weekend we waited for the money to come in…

Bomb: wire never came in, and it’s not going to.

Now, you’re as up to speed as we all are. That said, the home is back on the market and ready for a new buyer. If you know King’s Grant, this is a beautiful home in an incredibly popular neighborhood. Take a look at the map in the link, and you can see 54 Foot Point is at the very back of King’s Grant which many consider a premium feature.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about 54 Foot Point, or the King’s Grant neighborhood, please call 803-447-8683 or email Franklin@FArealtygroup.com. The home is a pleasure to show and I’m happy to tell you what I know.

The pool is about to open, BTW. #JustSayin…

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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