$50 Million @ 9 Months w/ 1 Amy!

While I’m so proud to post these numbers that represent the buyer and seller clients that trust us to represent them as their REALTORS, I need to give credit where EXTRA credit is due before I solve the situation.

I’ll tag the sales team on FB and IG but I want and need everyone to know that The Neighborhood Company has closed right at $50 Million in real estate sales in nine months with one person doing everything behind the scenes; Amy Ackerman Cartin.

What she has done and is doing is impressive, hard, amazing, and quite frankly, ridiculous. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, the book that Gary Keller wrote and that many teams across the country use as the standard to build their businesses, suggests four admins given our sales volume.

Amy and I have been together for 15 or so years and it is a wonderful, painful at times, long, and awesome story. As the saying goes, “She knows where all the bodies are buried…,” and if my wife, Jennifer, ever needs to know something, big or dink, she’s calling or texting Amy Cartin.

As “Newbies” in real estate, our cubbies shared a wall at our former office/brand and we became friends. We were both single. I don’t know how much money she had but I was broke af. We discovered one another’s strengths and started a team that over some years became the #5 team in North America, along with the fabulous Elizabeth Ross, for that national brand, and became Columbia’s All-Time Top Producer & Team.

After that, we brought a different franchise brand to Downtown Columbia which is now the world’s largest real estate company, Keller Williams – 180,000 REALTORS strong. She is actually credited for naming it Keller Williams Palmetto, which has grown to the #3 brokerage in the Midlands within three short years, representing $250Million YTD, respectively. (The name, “KW Palmetto,” may not seem super creative, but given different MLS rules and regs, it continues to prove at a genius level of opportunity throughout The Palmetto State).

I could go on and on, as you know. That said, before we announce a few new hires to take some workload off of her and to always be improving the client’s experience, I just wanted to give a shout-out and tell everyone that reads this how proud of her I am and how lucky we are to have her.

Thank you, Amy! It’s been a long and awesome real estate career together! Thank you, John Cartin, too for all of the late-night emailing with her and all of the dumbass questions I ask. 🙂


Your buddy

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