Grody Odor Is Not Good For Downtown Sales
Given my daily consumption of a Claritin-D, I’ve never pretended to be an aroma expert. That said, I found myself questioning what in the world was permeating throughout downtown Columbia today.

I heard Tuesday was supposed to be unusually hot. Since it was kinda damp outside I just chalked up the odor as some sort of combo of concrete ‘wet heat’, combined with some autumn plant bloom. Clearly, this was just a guess, but as my patio steamed this morning it was my best guess.

WIS is reporting that the aroma can be blamed on a nearby farm laying chicken manure. While it wasn’t a knock down stink, it was certainly a grody funk that Columbia can do without for the rest of the week.

As beautiful as Georgetown SC is, everyone knows about the smell that comes with it. Downtown Columbia doesn’t need such a label and I am thankful the culprit is temporary.

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