2 Mins Before Taking The Microphone

A few days ago, I was asked by the Coldwell Banker brass to travel to Charleston to sit on a two-person panel at a regional Coldwell Banker seminar. Little did I know that I was going to be in front of 250 Realtors. Little nervous!!

Apparently, I was there to expand on today’s social media opportunities and how we’ve integrated it into our business model as Realtors. Well… I can do that!

Upon arrival, I was pretty stunned that the facility was filled with folks from all over the place. I met a group from Coldwell Banker, Caine (Greenville), a group from Florence, and a nice crowd from Columbia. As an impressive stunner, the Wilmington, NC, office/franchise filled up a chartered bus!

It’s pretty amazing how wide the gap is between those who know about tech tools and those who don’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are many busy Realtors who couldn’t care less about blogging or Facebook. Even so, they were there to learn. If I had to guess, questions about blogging and QR Codes seemed to garner the most attention.

Anyway, the crowd was very (almost overly) engaged. So much so that the emcee had to reconstruct the whole session due to the amount of hands that shot up after every question.

As I typed before, it irks me to no end to leave this job’s day to day operations during the week. That said, I was happy and flattered to share a few thoughts with my fellow Realtors.


  1. Maybe you need to think about starting a blog (with ads on it driven by traffic) that give realtors tips on these types of things.
    Obviously there is an interest in this topic, how you can you get the information out there without bolstering your local competition.
    An open realtor online forum? A blog with topics on websites, blogs, twitter, facebook, photography, staging, etc.
    You don't have time to do this, but maybe someone on the team?
    Something to think about….

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