Ross Holmes @ Za’s On Devine; Let’s Do It Again!

If you didn’t get the memo last year or missed this year’s Facebook invite, we’ll be heading to Za’s on Devine again for the JLC Holiday Market Preview Party ‘After-Party!’  Everyone knows Za’s (half of us probably met at Za’s!), everyone knows The Ross Holmes Band, and everyone needs an after-party. BOOM – There you go!!!

If you remember, ever since Dianne’s on Devine decided to close her doors the After Party had nowhere to go. A few years went by when the fellas at Za’s asked us if we would get involved in a co-marketing effort to get the party started at their new venue. It was a freaking smash bang hit!!! Fast forward to today and it looks like we have a new tradition going.

We all have a big time at the JLC Preview Party, for sure, but some of the best memories are made at the annual late nighter.

Is attending Preview Party a prerequisite for the after-party? Heck, no…who cares?!! Come on!

We’ll see you Wed. night at Za’s hanging out with friends, laughing hard and dancing to Ross Holmes Band starting a little after whenever you get there.

Click on the pic above and you will probably see a familiar face or two! 🙂

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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