Pam Temple = MREA = New Level.

This week, 125ish real estate professionals of the Midlands had the privilege of hanging out and learning from one of the best in the business. Pamela Temple, of, was in Columbia to teach us The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. Many of us know it as, “The Red Book.”

The pic above is of some of the top-producing REALTORS in the Midlands of South Carolina. I’m typing about hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate sales production. Who’s the Top Producer in the room? The woman standing on the far left of the photo.

The reason she’s able to take the time to teach is that she lives by the systems and models of The Red Book. She knows about specialization. She knows about “Highway Talent,” and “Cul-de-sac Talent.” She knows about culture and standards.

As real estate professionals and we’re honest with ourselves, she would be the #1 producing REALTOR in Columbia, SC. She simply has a mindset that has not yet hit the Midlands.

Thank you so much Pamela Temple! Thank you for coming to Columbia to drop your knowledge and we hope you will visit us soon and often!

Franklin Jones

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