Amazon Now Crossing USA Thresholds. $Prime + $250.

If you haven’t seen or heard yet, the distribution behemoth of stuff, Amazon, would like you to pay them for the ability to put the boxes you order inside your front door.
Like most folks, I’m not sure of what will become of this concept. I see convenience. I also see lots of exposure.
Check a post from my friends at Inman News.
Franklin Jones
New service ‘Amazon Key’ will let delivery people inside your home when you’re not there

Amazon’s steady encroachment into every corner of our lives has reached a new phase: now Jeff Bezos and co. want the keys to our homes.

Amazon this morning announced a new service, the plainly-named Amazon Key, which invites Amazon Prime subscribers to install smart locks on the doors to their houses or apartments, which delivery people can then unlock with an app on their phones.

The goal is to let delivery people drop packages off inside your home when you’re not around, offering more “security” than leaving them outside or in an apartment building lobby/hallway, according to Amazon. Once you have the app and smart lock installed, you’ll be able to select “In-Home Delivery” as a check box while you’re completing an Amazon purchase online, which will tell the delivery person to leave the package inside.


Although the app and service are “free” to use, Amazon Key will cost you. In addition to paying for Amazon Prime, the online retail giant’s free two-day shipping and streaming media plan that costs $99-a-year, those wanting to use Amazon Key will also have to pay for extra hardware: the Amazon Key In-Home Kit costs $249.99, and includes a smart lock, an Amazon Cloud Cam (indoor security camera), and offers an option for free installation.

As an alternative to this, Amazon Key also works with “a compatible smart lock from Kwikset or Yale.”

The camera seems to be required in order to assuage concerns of delivery people or others getting into your home through the smart lock and stealing your stuff (though the paranoiac in me must point out it would not prevent someone with authorized access from casing your place and coming back later with a mask on…)

Amazon is touting another benefit to the service besides packages inside your house: if you decide to buy into Amazon Key, you can let other trusted people such as cleaners, dog walkers, repair technicians (many of which can already be ordered via Amazon), visiting relatives (which cannot be ordered through Amazon—yet!!), or hell, your Airbnb guests access your apartment by downloading the Amazon Key app and granting them a digital key to unlock your door.

Right now, Amazon Key is only available in 37 metro areas:

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