Yes…Susan Boyle Rocks Our World

Turn Your Volume Up and Lean Forward
You’re about to cry or smile, and have a better day.

I don’t know much about music, “American Idol” or “Britain’s Got Talent” but I know when I’m watching something awesome.

One thing that’s making this video so great is the combination and timing of the shots. The are pretty close to perfect. The judges and crowds expressions (good and bad) are caught at just the right moments.

Enter Susan Boyle’s performance itself. Booming, eyebrows raising, adrenaline running and awesome. It’s a down right goose bumper. The expressions and actions of the crowd just pump it even more.

I’ve read that the video may break a YouTube record. It’s that inspiring! Of the more than 28,788,332 million hits…three of them are mine.


  1. Anonymous says

    over 34 million today…

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