Year Old FB Update Was No April 1 Joke!

TwinsFinleyBWOn April 1, 2013 (I started writing this post on Tuesday), I belted out on Facebook, “Hello! Yes we are twins and our parents are scared $#!^less, but we think that’s funny. See you in the fall!!! w/Jennifer Sparks Jones.” Of course the comment was complete with a shiny new ultrasound image of what turned out to be two little girls.

Immediately after I posted, Jennifer and I met Stephen and Townes at Mr. Friendlys where we watched my phone jump and vibrate around the table. While a good many friends immediately thought, “April Fools…” most buds, like us, were in shock.

Fast forward one year later, and it has been one big ride. While I suppose I do my part (in my mind, anyway), after this adventure I may never look at Jennifer quite the same again. I’m totally impressed. The amount of work involved with twins is on a level I wouldn’t have believed from anyone. I just didn’t know, and I was wrong. Here’s a quick story; While I was at Eastminster Day School registration I was presented a few options. I immediately called Jennifer to get her choice, none of which were full time opportunities for either child. After a few seconds of thinking and me telling her that I had six women staring at me, she stunned us all with her answer: “Put one in Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and give the other the Tuesday/Thursday spot.” Ok, what? After confusing the side of the room I was sitting, I called Jen back to ask about her logic. She answered, “Babe, having just one (kid) for five days will be so much easier than having both for two or three (days).” In short, she can do stuff (grocery shop, Target, bills, eat lunch with a friend, whatever) with one child in tow, but can’t do squat with two.

Now that these sweet girls are about seven months old we’ve turned a good corner! They are pretty much sleeping through the night and plowing through rice cereal and fruit/veggie stuff. Honestly, if Nora would keep her loud a** mouth shut, Ivey would have been sleeping through the night a while ago. Nora F. Jones is L.O.U.D.

It’s been a lot of work around here since I put that ultrasound post out there. That said, as much as I’ve enjoyed watching our now four year old Finley grow, I’m crazy excited about what the future holds with our awesome ‘twinks.’


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