Wow @GamecockNation. #FreeAlshon!

As we’re all a little stir crazy with cabin fever, a few hours Monday afternoon provided big time excitement for South Carolina fans. Pretty much every reader of this blog obviously watched the game, and has seen the comments of Facebook and Twitter so I certainly don’t have to recap. That said, the two pics above are probably my favorites of the day.

The first pic came from my friend Pierce’s Facebook page. I forgot who he said snapped it, but it captures a lot. The second pic is obviously our Alshon at the end of the first half. This pic is great because it freezes his extra effort, making it look like he’s levitating. You may know of some better photos, but my bet is these two will be posterized, and placed somewhere @Williams-Brice.

Thinking back a few years, here’s my one thought synopsis of this year’s level of bowl play produced by The Gamecocks: Stephen Garcia. Obviously I don’t know this for sure, but if you think to the last few bowl games, today’s effort was a completely different level. Perhaps Spurrier knew something when he started Connor Shaw at the beginning of the season. Thanks to Connor for bringing a ‘gamer’ effort!

Impressed BIG TIME with the USC Gamecock Football Team. I haven’t checked any stat sheet, but over the last two years, I think we’re 8-0 vs UGA, UT, UF, and Clemson. We live with 7 billion people that would have thought that was improbable, impossible, and a down right stupid thought.

Thank you Carolina football for what you’ve done to this community, our state, and university. What a run…

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