Williams Brice vs. Death Valley; Parking Spot Style

The perimeter of Williams-Brice Stadium is populated with hundreds upon hundreds of parking spots for sale. The going rate seems to be $20,000-$27,000. Yep thats right! About 25K can get you a piece of dirt or asphalt big enough to fit your Yukon on! This seems unreal to many people. To big time Gamecock fans, its worth it. I must admit, I do not own a “spot.” I do however tailgate at The Coop (www.parkatthecoop.com). We have a great time here. The amenities cater to all of the owners’ needs. Huge air-conditioned building, nice T.V.’s, and restrooms that are easy to access.

These parking facilities are all over the place. Carolina Park, Carolina Walk Park, Touchdown Zone, Stadium Place and Cocks Corner are a few that come to mind. One thing that is pretty cool is that they all have their different perks. Some have an outlet, some are grass, some asphalt. The newest one is called Carolina Field House. It is going to feature a HUGE metal shed that everyone parks under.

The condo world at Williams-Brice is a whole different level. Half a million bucks for a condo in the industrial section of Columbia! Do South Carolinian’s love their Gamecocks or what ?! Ill save the condo talk for another day.

Now for Death Valley. There is MUCH less space in the foothills of Clemson for parking spots. The state of South Carolina and The University itself owns most of the land around the stadium. Tiger Park and Valley Walk are a couple of examples. I think they are successful. Someone can chime in if I am incorrect about this.

Being from Anderson, I grew up going to Clemson games. I always wondered why more people didnt get to the game by boat, via Lake Hartwell. That would be GREAT! I love watching fans float down the river to watch the Vols of Tennessee play.

I remember when USC spots were $7,500. What dictates the price? The team’s record? Who the coach is at the time? When Lou was the coach and the team was mediocre, spots hovered around 10K. Spurrier followed, CarolinaNation went nuts and they bumped to $20,000-$25,000. Was this because of “buzz” of the spots or Spurrier. Probably a little of both.

Does the fact that Clemson has so few spots make them more valuable? If so, why are they so popular at Carolina? How about the fact that USC spots keep selling, even though hundreds upon hundreds have been sold.

Just for kicks, let’s say that both schools are equal in fan support, etc. Given a simple Supply vs. Demand scenario, shouldn’t the spots at Death Valley be MUUUUUCH more expensive than the ones at Williams-Brice? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

P.S. If any of you are interested in purchasing a condo or spot, email me at fjones@cbunited.com ! The price points differ between complexes.

P.S.S. Who is “THE DUDE” that claims the parking spot in the picture above????


  1. Anonymous says


  2. No matter what the cost of the space is, tailgating in Clemson is MUCH more fun than tailgating at Carolina–it’s easier to parking lot/space hop in Clemson. Much prettier sights to see in Clemson too 🙂
    GO TIGERS!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    easier parking because there are only about 50k fans there

  4. I think its hilarious that these 9×16 chunks of asphault actually have tax map numbers!!

  5. curly,

    You may think the parking spots are cooler and the tailgating is more fun, but getting to a Clemson game is completely awful. It is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Malynn,

    Yep. Owners have pay taxes on their little slice of earth.

    A lot of people split the spot, in twos or three’s. If three’s, 1 person pays monthly payment for 4 months, 2nd for next 4 months, and so on.

    I guess you’re the type that would rather spend $ on a boat rather than a place to park your sled 6 or 7 times a year, huh

  7. Anonymous,

    31-28. Can Cocks do it again this year? Saw where USC has 2nd toughest schedule in the country.

    Do any of you own a spot? If so, is it worth the money, you think?

  8. Anonymous says

    gotta be better than the days inn…I mean the Spur..


  9. Anonymous says

    I bought one at TigerPark…couldn’t be happier with it. The prices on these keep rising…high barrier to entry.

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