Wii Rooms Popular with Buyers

Ample Wii Space in Big Demand For ’09 Buyers

The last closing I enjoyed had one thing in common with the last two houses I’ve introduced to my clients. All three of the buyers were picking where the “Wii Room” was going to be.

I also know ALL too well about playrooms, bonus rooms and FROGS. Many times, none of these can suffice for the demands of a serious Wii family.

You would think that the playroom/FROG would be perfect for Wiis. Many times it is. The hiccup in this theory comes into play because many times, the Wii users are mom and dad. Apparently, an exercising mom doesn’t fit well with a squawkin’ yute, hollerin’ for more “Dora The Explorer.”

Since there is so much body movement involved with it, the ideal Wii Room should be on the first floor. The room has to be large enough for any furniture to be spread out or easily movable. Further, hardwood floors are not the perfect surface… especially if you have the Wii “Fit.” Hardcore Wii users need a rug or a big foam mat.

I don’t own a Wii, but it’s been fun to notice these needs/desires as buyers stroll through a house. It was also fun to watch one of our best friends almost rip up a strip of carpet with her pointy toed shoes while perfoming her perfect topspin forehand.


  1. Anonymous says

    we just bought a house and immediately picked our wii room first 🙂 It's the previous 'formal dining' lol. I found this blog buy searching for inspiration on how to set ours up today, ha

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