Wife Handling Bed Rest Like A Champ!

SleepyIf you know me or read this blog frequently, you’re well aware my wife and I are having twins any day now. That said, tonight has been particulary rough! With Jen being on bed rest means she has certain nightly rituals, one of which she straps on an electronic contraption around her belly¬†which measures contractions. The test takes an hour. One of the rules is that if she has six or more contractions within an hour (not good), she has to drink a tall glass of water, pee, wait 10 minutes, and perform the test again. Well, tonight’s first test turned up six. UGH!!!

At 1:45AM she got a call from the doctor’s office (or someone that’s reading the results) reporting that the second test showed zero contractions. That’s great news, but dang it’s late, which is the reason for this lame and perhaps ‘TMI’ blog post.

I so hope she fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.

It’s now 3:28 so thank goodness Friday is a ‘lunch day’ at our daughter’s little school house.

Nite, nite!



  1. Pat Cavanaugh says

    You are an awesome husband & dad.
    I hope everything goes well for your beautiful wife & she deliveries two healthy bundles of joy.

  2. Cheryl Cooper says

    Good luck to you and your wife! We’ll be thinking of you!

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