Why Can’t You Eat The Dumb Cake???

So I was pumping gas yesterday, when a thought popped in my head bone. It’s not an earth shattering, huge whoop, or anything like that. It’s an issue, however, because I hear it, and actually say it quite often. That said, where’s the dang logic behind the line, “You can’t have your cake, and eat it too.” Lemme let that sit in for a second…

I mean, what in the world? If someone gives you a damn cake, what are you supposed to do with the thing? Are you supposed to toss it in the closest sewer pipe? Put it in your garage? Throw it in your grandma’s front yard? I mean, someone tell me what to do with a my stupid cake.

Giving this a shot… try to substitute “cake” with any noun, like a TV or tennis ball. “Hey fella… you can’t have that tennis ball and use it too.” Umm.

Even if taken to the divine maximum test of WWJD, it’s still outta’ whack. Even Jesus, I would think, if given a cake, would only think to eat that cake.

Since I do hear it all the time, I decided to give 10 seconds of research to the matter. Turns out, the phrase should be flipped to read, “You can’t eat your cake, and have it too.” Get it? If you eat it, you obviously won’t have the cake anymore. I guess somewhere down the grapevine of American lingo, the phrase has been reversed and mangled. Either way, the manner it’s used in 2011 doesn’t make a lick of sense… although pretty much everyone just goes with it.

Deep thoughts, I know! #NotSoDeep

Franklin Jones

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