White, Leopard!!, Pink, Black, White!!!

Women Shout Out Their Colors on Facebook

When many of my female Facebook friends began to share different colors followed by explanation points, I have to admit my curiosity. As the different colors kept coming into my feed I knew it had to be something sensitive to women because not one of my male friends typed a color, not even as a joke.

It was when one of my friends typed “Victoria’s Secret Million Dollar,” that I knew they were referring to their bras.

The trend went viral as the colors and styles kept trickling in. The excerpt below illustrates how quickly the trend spread.

“It was no game to the people at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, who were stunned to find themselves the beneficiaries of a Web phenomenon they didn’t begin to understand. At the start of Friday, they had exactly 135 fans on their Facebook page. By 5:30 in the evening, they had 135,000.” – Washington Post. The page now boast more than 139,000 Fans.

The idea isn’t without controversy. Some are asking, “How does shouting out a bra color help raise awareness about breast cancer?” Others say, “You’d have to be living in a cave if you didn’t know you’re surrounded by pink ribbons. Why should women need to tell the world what color bra they’re wearing?”

Personally, I think Facebook is a fun outlet for people to express themselves. If women want to “Become a Fan” of a good organization and have fun doing it…then good for them.
Sure bras can be a great tool of sexuality but I’d like to remind skeptics of the campaign that everyday undergarments serve as a function of health and comfort. Anyone that can’t fathom this may need to simply get over it…and do what they can to find a cure.

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