What’s What @ Your Zip?

Below is a list of the latest property transfers as reported by The State Newspaper.

As you can see, the list is by county, zip code, then the street address of properties that have transferred.

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Franklin Jones

A Northeast Columbia apartment complex has been sold.

Legacy at Sandhill Apartments at 10682 Two Notch Road sold for $25.5 million.

Wilkinson Columbia II, LLC sold the complex to DLH Legacy At Sandhill, LLC.


10682 Two Notch Road 29045 from Wilkinson Columbia II, LLC to DLH Legacy At Sandhill, LLC $25,500,000

1529 and 1539 Horseshoe Drive 29223 from APF-REO, LLC to TVK 1539 Horseshoe Dr., LLC $5,400,000

5029 Hillside Drive 29206 from Jason B. Potes and Stephanie M. Potes to Duane D. Heydt, Jr. and Sonia F. Heydt $725,000

1049 Second Avenue 29209 from Carolina Tractor & Equipment Company to 1049 Second Avenue, LLC $685,000

125 Watersong Lane 29063 from Roberson Revocable Living Trust to Franklin Olin Rowe, III and Melisa Dawne Silman $600,000


5363 Augusta Road 29072 from Mundo Investments, LLC to Auto Gallery Holdings, Inc. $2,500,000

4266 Augusta Road 29073 from Port Royal Medical Investments, LLC to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 28 DST $1,617,415

104 N. Pine Street 29006 from Mavis Southeast LLC to National Retail Properties LP $1,078,900

204 Watermelon Court, 1465 Highway 6, Hall Murph Court and Jones Wire Road 29053 from A&M Gutierrez Children’s Trust to Johnny B. McMahan $1,000,000

530 Bimini Twist Circle 29072 from Heritage Custom Homes, Inc. to Jacob N. Smith, III & Crystal S. Smith $780,000


1441 Sanders Creek Road 29020 from Estate of Harriet G. Heriot to Alicia Allmond and Samuel Allmond $451,490

73 Emery Hill Road 29045 from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Michael R. Miller and Nicole A. Miller $411,896

1658 Ginkgo Trail 29130 from Sandra Kirkley Brady to Anthony J. Canterbury and Joan L. Canterbury $365,000



11 Winding Wood Court from Erik G. Estep and Emily H. Estep to Timothy S. Tessier and Pamela Moore Tessier $238,000

120 Longcreek Plantation Drive from Clinton Charles Norris to Aaron Thor Ellison and Kelly Marlene Ellison $275,000

231 Wrenfield Lane from Douglas F. Minter and Kimberly G. Minter n/k/a Kimberly G. Blackmon to Cole Renken and Christine Renken $587,000

390 Quiet Creek Road from James A. Alba and Katheryn Alba to Harry Jivers, III $229,000

131 Wren Ridge Drive from Lisa L. Grimmer and Michael J. Grimmer to Gordon Bleckert and Alexandra Bleckert $410,000

8484 Winnsboro Road from Ned S. Jennings and Angela E. Jennings n/k/a Angela Edwards to Charlie L. Mather and Lauren Mather $600,000

3019 Gedney Circle from Fortress Homes, LLC to Patrick F. White and Willea White $236,000

641 Kennington Road from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Ricky Folks $195,725

149 Clamp Road from Donald Peter Kenney to Sherry S. Perkins $196,000

1 Rose Haven Lane from AH4R Properties, LLC to Channel E. Frazier $189,000

5 Hillfoots Court from Janna Gaddy and Darren Gaddy to Nechel Ball $248,000

248 Wading Bird Loop from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Cedric Henderson and Shirl B. Henderson $326,073

2084 Bankwell Road from Terrell Green and Latonia Green to Jason Anthony McLean and Tiara Crystal Smith-McLean $188,500

369 Quiet Creek Road from Stewartship Homes, LLC to John J. Feher and Nancy J. Feher $210,000

521 Rimer Pond Road from Joel F. Cirmella to Michael Shawn O’Rourke and Patti D. O’Rourke $375,000

531 Wild Hickory Lane from Robert Clayton Dow, II and Regena Elizabeth Dow to John Soojin Chu and Tina Hye Kim $412,500


645 Village Market Drive from Scott B. Hood, Angela Hood and Daniel J. Douglas, Sr. to Patrick Michael Marine and Sherrie Lynn Marine $330,000

404 Lash Lane from Mark A. Becker and Laurie A. Becker to Kristen E. Schepker and Donald J. Schepker, Jr. $547,000

324 Sienna Drive from Jonathan Carroll Ballentine and Karen Ballentine to Frederick Michael O’Mara and Holly W. O’Mara $420,000

140 Breedlove Road from Leah S. Carpenter to James A. Dahl and Carla D. Whitesell-Dahl $204,900

83 Lockleigh Lane from Alecia R. Love to Kate Elizabeth Mack $238,000

Bakers Land Road from Judy A. Meetze, Kimberly Boland Meetze and Michael Shealy Meetze to Scott Beaulieu and Bambi Beaulieu $200,000


3116 Cool Breeze Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Steven C. Potts and Jacqueline M. Coleman-Potts $552,250

1137 Cooper’s Ridge Lane from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Christopher E. Pena and Angie M. Pena $209,662

12 Walden Place from Kristin A. Taylor-Hulbut to DeMarcus Pelzer and Kimberly Pelzer $189,000

714 Boss Way from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Rashmikantibhai C. Soni, Kalpanaben R. Soni and Daksheshkumar R. Soni $315,000

129 Cascade St. from Brett A. Foltz and Emily E. Hart to Antonio J. Burgess and Tameeka S. Conklin $148,000

200 Autumn Hill Lane from Kristin Blair Carter to Tony Alonzo Murphy, II and Yolanda NaToya Clark $135,000

1186 Coopers Ridge Lane from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Carolyn Ray Sutton and Dianne Ray Frazier $195,828

115 Coopers Ridge Lane from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Shay Kristopher Humphrey $212,669

608 Plantation Pointe Drive from Tracy L. Hellman and Susan S. Hellman to Raymond A. Heather, Jr. and Suzanne D. Heath $200,000

816 Derby Downs Court from Thomas L. Griffith to Theodore P. Manes $190,000

10682 Two Notch Road from Wilkinson Columbia II, LLC to DLH Legacy At Sandhill, LLC $25,500,000

55 Corinth Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Joseph C. Wobser and Danica J. Wobser $281,851

1300 Hidden Valley Road from Richard S. Neal and Leigh Anne Neal to Joshua Downey $180,000


208 Buck Drive from Patrick H. Mann and Jodi L. Mann f/k/a Jodi Lynn Shaffer to Justin A. Vorhis $183,000

115 San Paulo Court from Wendy G. Broman and William R. Broman, III to John N. Gower and Lane P. Gower $252,000

2313 Lower Richland Boulevard from Celeste T. Jones to Russell L. Powell $180,000

2613 S. Partridge Circle from Charlie Singleton, Jr. to Serita Palmer and Shannon Palmer $111,000


121 Kings Creek Road from Linda D. Watkins n/k/a Linda Douglas McKinney to Christie Leigh Rose $199,900

42 Green Ash Court from Camille L. Joseph to David K. Jennison and Jennifer A. Jennison $207,000

10 Sickle Court from Amy M. Hossenlopp n/k/a Amy M. Richardson to Carina A. Harmon and Gregory J. Harmon $205,000

209 Woodspur Road from James C. Mack to Bonnie Catherine Coldiron $138,000

119 Cedar Crest Lane from James Laird Smith, Jr. and Katherine Wilkinson Smith to Barbara Free $379,000

228 Elstow Road from Ronald W. Michelson and Marilyn A. Michelson to Tara N. Tygrett and Letitia Tygrett $138,000

125 Watersong Lane from Roberson Revocable Living Trust to Franklin Olin Rowe, III and Melisa Dawne Silman $600,000

107 Cinder Hill Court from Petunia Investments, LLC to Santos G. Romero $135,000

111 Delaine Woods Drive from E*Trade Advisor Services FBO John A. Johnson to Nicholas W. Leaphart and Sharmane Leaphart $191,500

307 W. Royal Tower Drive from Donald R. Weaver to Leonard Alexander $112,150

156 Foxglove Circle from Michelle P. Westbury and Crystal Lynn Westbury to Chelsea Nichole Smith $134,000

128 Stonemill Court from Carolyn E. Johnson to Katherine Kovach $152,525

409 Concord Place Road from Nex Ventures Realty, Inc. to Richard Lawrence Guy, III and Tabitha Lynn Stroud $170,000

276 Cedar Hollow Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Yousef Shurafa $255,975

9 Darcy Court from John Leighty to Janice D. Evans $139,000

16 Northstone Court from Andrew Pajack and Samantha Bohochik to William Davison Bowers and Caitlin Marie Thompson $160,000

139 Rose Oak Drive from Christina F. Graff and Jonathan A. Graff to Charles Gaskin $274,000

209 Stonemont Drive from Harry Roy Lindsey, IV and Blair Minick Lindsey to Hengtao Tang and Yingxiao Quian $264,000

51 Saint Albans Road from Lae Potter and Brian Dean Potter to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $121,000

749 Saxony Drive from Maurice F. Heming, III and Amanda B. Heming to Dustin S. Weaver $229,900

14 Ash Court from Robert F. Sikora and Rebecca A. Sikora to Anna Irene Terry and Vivian Terry Cunningham $262,000

147 Old Market Lane from Ruth M. Whittington to James H. Thrower, Jr. and Connie W. Thrower $254,000

205 Treyburn Circle from Karen L. Elder Family Trust to Phillip A. Branson and Jean Branson $380,000

140 Cedar Chase Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Gainor Family Irrevocable Trust $279,000


15 Sease Court from Lou Spradley Dinkins to John Stanton Manger $140,000


1203 Whitney St. from Angelo J. Funaro and Micahel J. Smyth a/k/a Michael J. Smyth to The Mill Partnership, LLC $114,900

1849 Ashby Road from Kaitlyn E. Marshall n/k/a Kaitlyn Marshall Griffin to Mason D. Brandes $147,000

601 Main St. from Catherine Mongell f/k/a Catherine G. Simmons to Paige Scruggs and Raymond Scruggs $226,000

1324 Pulaski St., A-109 from Devin Lee Shanks a/k/a Devin L. Shanks to Bryan Todd Miller Living Trust $275,000

601 Lady St. from Judy C. Levine to Clandestine Living Properties, LLC $375,000

2836 Clark St. from Evelyn B. May to Eric Rice and Elizabeth C. Podmore $233,000

1520 Senate St., Unit 8-B from Scott W. Van Buren and Christine E. Van Buren to James Blair Black and Barbara Sankey Black $100,000


459 Hilltop Place from Peter W. Odahowski and Cassie L. Odahowski to Melissa B. Hendricks $167,500

6485 Margate St. from Melvin F. Stansbury to Amanda Dyer $110,000

700 Rosedale Arch from Stefanie N. Rodvansky to Luis Brown and Shanice Hailey $110,000

3907 Abington Road from Phillip R. Hare and Kristen Hare to Erin K. Flickinger $147,000

675 Poplar Grove Lane from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Keirra Anderson $183,509

448 Summerlea Drive from Pamela L. Boyd to Peter Alford and Alisha Alford $193,500

304 Hamilton Drive from WJH, LLC to Marquita Latoya Woodard $135,990

1107 Killian Loop from Estate of Oren Gregory Russell to Robert Clayton Dow, II and Regena Elisabeth Dow $205,000

5905 N. Main St. from Owen V. Watts, Jr. to Trustee Ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church $140,000


1414 Colin Kelly Drive from Liming Chen to David N. McGill $105,000

3232 Pine Belt Road from Adam P. Gamache and Carmen M. Gamache n/k/a Carmen M. Lawrence to Katherine Saye Massengill $162,900

3034 Chinaberry Drive from Jason A. Turner and Frances Elizabeth Turner to Ashton Gottschall and Lauren J. Banks $154,500

3708 Beverly Drive from Kathryn A. Sheppard to Martha T. Angel and Nolan L. Wright $192,250

2447 Reynolds Drive from Charles Varn, Jr. and Audrey Varn to James H. Satterwhite $120,500

5 Ashley Court from Carl Hance, Sr. and Estate of Linda G. Sharp a/k/a Lindler Goodson Hance to Ann B. Ligon $315,000

3020 Trenholm Road, Unit 3A from Debra Dunlop Seale, Karen Dunlop McMullen and Kenneth Edward Dunlop to Martha G. Justice $235,000

3238 Bagnal Drive from BCCT Enterprises, LLC a/k/a BCCT, LLC to Erin E. Griese $148,000

3018 Manchester Lane from Theresa R. Fox f/k/a Theresa R. Dehaan to David P. Barton, Sr. and Elizabeth R. Barton $169,000

1410 N. Millwood from John M. Suddeth to Team 1 Holdings, LLC $450,000

2812 School House Road from Mani Enterprise Properties, LLC to Rachael Wright Everett $123,000


1111 Fairview Drive from Andrew D. Zalkin to William Robert Simpson, III $120,000

104 and 108 S. Waccamaw Avenue from Isabelle N. Mandell to PGB Acquisitions 1, LLC $500,000

820 Poinsettia St. from Patrick H. Knie to Katherine D. Norlander $140,000

911 Beltline Boulevard from Christopher Wilson and Meredith Wilson to Derrah Quazenski Cassidy $245,000

3428 Montgomery Avenue from James E. Reagan, Jr. to Micah J. Hurtt $130,000

506 Amherst Avenue from Kimberly K. Carson to Elizabeth R. Smith $362,000

505 and 507 Harden St. from The Back Porch Group, LLC to Nicholas Rua $390,000

3416 Heyward St. from Scott D. Bergren to Gordon O. Hamilton, III and Jennifer Hamilton $280,000

3220 Murray St. from Charlotte B. Henderson to Shana Adams $355,000

1211 Deerwood St. from Shirley M. B. Stiglbauer to Denise L. Dunovant $130,000

501 S. Beltline Boulevard from Fredrick Marion Wylie, III to Judith N. Mwamuka $148,500

409 S. Edisto Avenue from Hannan Brown, Nathaniel P. Brown and Dawn L. Brown to Ralph Poirier, Jr. and Debra L. Poirier $285,000

602 S. Bonham Road from Sarah G. Wax and James S. Wax to Amanda Stefanski $139,900

2415 Monroe St. from John Foster to Lucy A. Dunbar $385,000

4220 Mimosa Road from Margaret M. Stelzer and David B. Stelzer to John C. Griggs, Jr. and Lynne W. Griggs $365,000


5103 Circle Drive from Felix Figueroa and Cheryl Culbertson Figueroa to Amy Wilson and Jason Lewis Wilson $393,700

11 Brandywine Lane from Michael G. Barb and Michael Brian Barb to Elliot B. Loncar and Haylee Michele Loncar $375,000

4702 Circle Drive from Sean W. Sullivan and Caroline Shaw Sullivan to Mollie Goode $315,000

112 Academy Way from 209 Dawson, LLC to Deborah Elaine Isaacs $395,000

4332 Kilbourne Road from Justin Kyle Campbell and Patricia W. Campbell to Joyce Simpson $175,000

5029 Hillside Drive from Jason B. Potes and Stephanie M. Potes to Duane D. Heydt, Jr. and Sonia F. Heydt $725,000

1412 Whittaker Drive from Wade Mettauer Carlisle to Joseph Raleigh West, III and Hall West $340,000

4011 Sandwood Drive from Papanoo, LLC to James E. Reagan, Jr. $223,500

1904 Greenoaks Road from Gordon P. Broadbent, III, Marjorie A. Broadbent and Jonathan D. Broadbent to John Lutz, III $129,900

6060 Lakeshore Drive from Cindy K. Touma to Rebecca Roodhouse-Hintz $247,000

6134 Poplar Ridge Road from Keith Brazendale and Allison B. Brazandale to Donald R. Weaver $237,900

6821 Formosa Drive from Mildred E. Allison a/k/a Mildred Stone to Datron W. Washington $145,000

141 Gregg Parkway from James H. Knapp and Camelia C. Knapp to Elizabeth G. deLoach $535,000

10 Catesby Circle from John S. Simmons to Peter A. Pigeon and Amanda K. Pigeon $500,000

4652 Sylvan Drive from Hubert L. Evans to Laura E. Fowler $250,000


1049 Second Avenue from Carolina Tractor & Equipment Company to 1049 Second Avenue, LLC $685,000

200 Hampton Forest Drive from Lauren Chestnut-Williams f/k/a Lauren Chestnut to Carolina Ridge Properties, LLC $125,000

629 Scribes Lane from NVR, Inc. to Sharon Samantha Duncan $161,485

625 Scribes Lane from NVR, Inc. to Sharon Murphy $161,485

3055 Bluff Road from Patrick S. Noh and Hyeran Noh to Krishna Associates, LLC $113,000

172 Fox Squirrel Circle from Elizabeth Anne Kennedy to Miesha Paris Walton $153,500

153 Council Loop from NVR, Inc. to Karlena Nicole Clark $176,485

453 Dean Hall Lane from Catherine B. Ramsey to Justin J. Hunter and Julia A. Coleman $341,500

309 Knight Valley Circle from Aaron M. McCullough and Megan R. McCullough to Adrian Dukes $195,000

4535-4537 Fort Jackson Boulevard from Vincent A. Dimaria to Arnold E. Morris $125,000

6112 Hampton Leas Lane from Richard J. Morgan to Renee Meader and Daniel Dwight Meader $325,000

209 Hampton Forest Drive from Adrian D. Dukes to Sarah K. Merritt $129,500

140 Ashwood Lake Drive from Shawanda N. Jacobs and Torrey B. Kilpatrick to Brian L. McCaster and Rachel R. McCaster $158,000

112 Honey Tree Road from Amber D. Hunnicutt to Daniel S. Schaffer $110,000

628 Legacy Park Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Stacey Nicole Nesmith $147,528


201 Nobility Drive from Model Home Holdings, LLC to Lionel Stephan Powell $134,000

109 Nobility Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Geraldine Clark $117,000

1815 Morninghill Drive from Estate of Nancy Anne Dunham to Hazel W. Belton $115,000

1821 Woodtrail Drive from Mark Caldwell to Conrex ML SMA 2019-01 Operating Company, LLC $100,000


166 Hawks Nest Court from Wanda K. Hutto to Claude James Brown, Jr. $129,900


1224 N. Brickyard Road from Albert Middleton and Rose Middleton to David M. Williams and Ciesta C. Williams $435,000

312 Firebridge Road from Thomas Blyther, II and Connie L. Blyther to Donna Reese $135,000

1529 and 1539 Horseshoe Drive from APF-REO, LLC to TVK 1539 Horseshoe Dr., LLC $5,400,000

104 E. Silver Lake Road from Norman W. Pedigo, Jr. and Nancy G. Pedigo to Belinda Gomez $439,000

4 Chadwick Court from Calvin Antonio Perkins and Ashley Forney Martin to Sheila Flowers $122,000

705 Formby Drive from Mary Gray Maison Rauscher to David R. Owens and Allison L. Owens $235,000

2108 Bermuda Hills Road from Leah Michelle Perry to Birl D. Hicks and Tania M. Stamp $240,922

225 Holliday Road from Estate of Curtis C. Stewart, Sr., Patricia B. Stewart and Estate of Curtis C. Stewart, Sr. and Curtis Cooper Stewart, Jr. to 35K, LLC $322,500

16 Northlake Road from Kenneth Joseph Gilligan, III and Jamie E. Gilligan to Maria T. Bernard $410,000

16 Apple Tree Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Chelsea Nicole Johnson and Frankie Johnson $208,450

109 Orchard Park Road from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Shaana Colette Davis and Therial M. Davis $199,414


105 Faversham Lane from Mark Kevin Brumble and Lynette B. Brumble a/k/a Lynette B. Brumble to Rebecca C. Pitzer and Scott D. Pitzer $207,000

10 Ashmore Place from Ashutosh Singh and Lauren Singh to Latoya Evans $183,000

13 May Oak Court from James A. Gibbs to Danielle Juanita Nixon $125,000

11 Northfield Court from Joseph Gamble to Conrex ML SMA 2019-01 Operating Company, LLC $110,000

635 Teaberry Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Ashley N. Clayton and Antonio F. Clayton $224,958

545 Buckhaven Way from Norman Bradley and Christiana Bradley to Kevin F. Bushaw and Brianna Bushaw $149,000

302 Castleburg Lane from James R. Fulkerson and Christie M. Fulkerson to HPA US1 LLC $160,000

200 Grandview Circle from Shareka Peterson to Sherman Smith $199,000

223 Granbury Lane from Mihir P. Shah and Neepa D. Shah to Bryan A. Wilson and Mary Wilson $292,000

628 Bur Oak Lane from Randall M. Smith and Vicki Michelle Smith to Alfred D. Lymon $227,000

1605 Summit Ridge Drive from Lethon Mack to Michelle Lewis $124,000

104 Tail Tree Lane from Estate of Paul A. Villano a/k/a Paul Anthony Villano to Jessica Tomlin and Martavious Tomlin $162,400

177 Rivendale Drive from Khan Legacy, LLC to Chanice James and Carol L. James $155,000

224 Baysdale Drive from Fortress Homes, LLC to Kimberly A. Taylor and Kevin D. Taylor $313,990

245 Huntcliff Drive from Carolyn D. Autry to Latoya Richmond $126,000

1 Granbury Court from Gary W. Blankenship and Rebecca L. Blankenship to Stacyann Brown-Robertson $285,000

451 Abbeydale Way from Javier Nmn Murguia to Alex J. Mountzouros and Kelly M. Mountzouros $205,000

134 W. Killian Station Court from Aaron Bartfield to Hugh A. Fogle, Jr. $133,000

984 Centennial Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Michael J. Taylor and Daina L. Taylor $348,000

126 Camlin Court from David Taylor, Jr. to Mose Ross, Jr. and Doyce Ross $199,000

785 Edenhall Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Daniel R. Ortegon and Elvira Prado Ortegon $285,439

1053 Acacia Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Kakeena Lynndora Burch and Carl Erskine Burch, Jr. $228,000

222 Falls Mill Lane from Shantanna Chisholm to Brittany D. Belton and Lindsay Adams, Jr. $190,000

129 Ratchford Way from Ferguson G. Price and Silke C. Price to Robert Eles and Marcelle Lee $222,000

204 Castle Ridge Drive from Kenneth Tisdale to Jasmine Dominique Jamison $119,000

22 E. Killian Station Court from Ethel J. Jones to Mary Thompson $133,000

522 Barrimore Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Nasir Ali $190,773



104 N. Pine Street from Mavis Southeast LLC to National Retail Properties LP $1,078,900


103 Sweetgum Drive from Kevin M. Rose to Samuel J. Twitty and Krista Twitty $192,000

104 Sandy Lane from John Harold Goodwin, Jr. to Mary B. Schumacher $130,000

823 Holland Avenue from Sunvest Investments, LLC to David L. Oliver and Jill Oliver $158,700

1539 Granby Road from Shump Co. Homes, LLC to Benjamin Lee Laffoday $105,000

2852 Tree St. from Central South Carolina Habitat for Humanity to Tara Pierce $109,000

1911 Memorial Drive from Rachel Marie Glenn to Jami Lee Pike $128,000

1801 Chadsworth Drive from RBK Investments LLC to Harry Michael DeLoatch and Diana Lynn DeLoatch $141,000

715 Moss Road from Jeanne B. Allen to Matthew Vitaliani and Emily Vitaliani $130,000

2400 Block, Charleston Highway from Tony Fusaro a/k/a Anthony V. Fusaro to T and S Real Estate, LLC $325,000

1702 Sunnyside Drive from Lewis Leonidas Love and Lorraine Dorothy Love Buckwell to David Canty and Symeria Smith $122,500


329 Crystal Creek Circle from Debra Rowe to Kevin R. Harmon and Stacy R. Harmon $150,000

4 Hilton Glen Court from Karen Jackson to Michael Scott Ellis and Brooke Wymer Ellis $279,000

1020 Saint Peters Church Road from Louie L. Chapman and Kristie M. Chapman to Nicholas T. Oleszczuk $135,500

270 Elsoma Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Cory T. Beard and Kathleen Beard $250,000

324 Eagle Pointe Drive from Stephen Skelly and Jessica Chandler Chapman Skelly to Philip Forrister and Jessica Forrister $257,500

363 Amalfi Drive from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to William Hamilton Brown, Jr. and Amy J. Brown $292,635

125 Lake Vista Drive from Sandra M. Ayoub to Stephen F. Ray and Ellen R. Ray $136,000

1030 Old Bush River Road from William H. Brown and Amy Brown to Eddy L. Palma-Hernandez $360,000

668 Lake Tide Drive from Christopher J. Land and Jennifer H. Land to Mark H. Hanna, Jr. and Michelle B. Hanna $617,500

554 Lilypad Court from Linda B. Stoudenmire to Ron H. Creech and Brenda B. Creech $486,000

130 Milmont Shores Road from Kate E. Mack to James Wilson Mack, Jr. and Jocelyn D. Mack $212,000

210 Crooked Creek Road from Judy A. McEntyre to Jason King Moore $191,370

1047 Old Bush River Road from James Pavlinik and Claudia Pavlinik to Matthew J. Malovic, Jr. and Jessica W. Malovic $300,000

58 Revelstone Way from Jeffrey Lee Bollman and Nancy Groner Bellman to Patricia A. Prybeck $173,900


204 Watermelon Court, 1465 Highway 6, Hall Murph Court and Jones Wire Road from A&M Gutierrez Children’s Trust to Johnny B. McMahan $1,000,000


426 Wentworth Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Annah Rebecca Barfield and Michael Andrew Barfield $401,633

1153 Shull Island Road and 1127 Flipper Lane from Harry W. Davis, III to James Andrew Cepko $391,500

1012 Peach Festival Road from Charles Lewis to David Robert Turner $139,000

1920 Amick Drive from Martha J. Ward to Brandon Arthur Mogan $270,000


255 Torrington Road from Carol Diane Moore to Cynthia R. Young $145,500

17 Ramer Mill Court from Patreese Roni Louise Jeffcoat to Joshua C. Anglin and Jennifer Anglin $160,000

11 Castle Vale Court from Dakota Aaron Wagner and Mallie Lee Wagner to Timothy P. Riley and Jennifer L. Koch $135,000

434 Grantham Road from Samuel G. Harris and Barry D. Sowards to Ricky L. Hux $145,500

120 Trent House Road from David Martin and Rachel Martin to Hernan R. Adame and Ramiro R. Adame $138,000


236 Harebell Lane from Brandon David Mitchell and Lindsey H. Mitchell to Lee Derrick Hilton $202,000

136 Alice Howell Lane from Nikki M. Stumpf and Erik Stumpf to Beth G. Lee and Gary M. Lee $380,000

241 Turbeville Circle from Estate of Edgar D. Hoover, Sr. to Kayla E. Hydrick $139,900

661 Braner Court from The Back Porch Group, LLC to Nicholas Rua $375,000

448 N. Lee St. from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Cornelius T. Summers, Sr. and DeVonda J. Summers $184,900

248 E. Columbia Avenue from Nova B. Stephens a to Daniel L. Compton and Debora L. Compton $110,000


116 Steelhead Court from Lifestone Residential, LLC to Corey M. Neal and Jill Neal $472,202

632 Ladybug Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to James M. Herritage and Nancy D. Herritage $390,285

320 Hunters Ridge Drive from Paul Deligt and Karen K. Deligt to Hailey Bordner and Tyler Berg $212,500

112 Scotland Drive from Alisa G. Mosley and Thomas J. Kosmata to Kevin M. Rose and Laura K. Rose $425,000

112 Water Crest Drive from Donald R. Morrison and Traci C. Morrison to Jason D. Kraft and Michelle K. Kraft $248,000

116 Watershed Lane from Corey Williamson and Tera Williamson to Divya G. Reddy $480,000

340 Pond View Lane from Michael S. Ellis to Thomas H. Moates, III and Kimberly C. Moates $265,000

124 Sandlapper Way from Eulon Glen Purvis to Emanuel Funches, Jr. $121,500

116 Drake Hill Drive from Colie L. Dyson, III and Angela M. Dyson to Jason L. Ouzts and Heather L. Ouzts $620,000

120 Breezes Drive, Unit 31B from James R. Mitchell, Jr. and Nadine L. Mitchell to Lewis W. Way, III and Deborah M. Way $207,500

503 Lightening Bug Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Jarrett Malanowski and Denise Malanowski $387,330

127 Yellowbark Drive from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Shane Williams and Martina Margaret Williams $315,457

236 Glossy Green Lane from Katrina Wowaka to Ray C. Maas and Jennifer J. Lenart $154,900

116 Cressingham Court from Godfrey L. Burnett and Jane R. Burnett to Deborah K. Maas $270,000

211 Golden Fluke Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Michael G. Tuthill $321,197

153 Herrick Court from Joseph P. Gill and Bhavna K. Kaushik to Chakradhar Kaitepalli and Naga Sravanthi Nidumolu $260,000

152 Phoenix Lane from William E. Sapp, Jr. and Kayla E. Hydrick to William Loggins and Misty Loggins $157,000

970 Barr Road from Steven M. Graham to Paula Renee Lambert and William McMurray, Jr. $300,000

237 Drooping Leaf Road from Peter I. Alford and Alisha J. Alford to Raymond K. Bogdon and Alexandra E. Bogdon $178,900

225 Sunningdale from Will H. Gilfillan and Sandra W. Gilfillan to Ashley C. Taylor and Meredith I. Taylor $415,000

155 Marissa Lane from Richard P. Linto and Karen H. Linto to Joyce A. Spraberry $230,000

149 Pennsylvania Court from Eddy Leonardo Palma Hernandez to Stancil A. Hood and Courtney A. Hood $199,000

105 Millhouse Drive from Lake E. Summers to Adam Klimek and Megan Kilmek $255,500

539 Windmere Drive from David N. Heaton to Edward Job Milosz and Samantha Lee Milosz $610,000

708 Tallaran Road from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Brenna K. Franck $192,900

231 Nehemiah Road from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Richard M. Chowdhury and Catrina A. Chowdhury $181,350

321 Welsummer Way from Joel B. Clonts to HPA US1 LLC $220,500

827 Smith Pond Road from David Allen Jester to Daniel Ramirez Espinoza $112,500

411 Hedge Grove Lane from David Robert Kazee to Dontee L. Busby and Gennean A. Ellis $152,000

153 Chesterbrook Lane from Kevin R. Lucas to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $139,900

104 Richmond Farm Circle from Alayna M. Schuck f/k/a Alayna M. Roberts to John Paolo P. Reyes and Amanda Leigh Keim $150,000

147 Tybo Drive from WJH LLC to Mary Evelyn Crosby $149,990

339 Farming Creek Way from Rosemarie Addas and James Addas to Renewal Property Group, LLC $116,000

210 Dove Chase Trail from Huong Chau to Mu Yang and Geng Tian $267,000

350 Cabana Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Joel B. Clonts $294,900

530 Bimini Twist Circle from Heritage Custom Homes, Inc. to Jacob N. Smith, III & Crystal S. Smith $780,000

125 Heather Glen Drive from Roger Powell to William F. Lorenzen and Rose A. Lorenzen $315,000

203 Ivy Hill Court from Corey Dwayne Norris a/k/a Corey D. Norris to Amanda Leigh Bordeaux $174,900

407 Huntsdale Court from Timothy J. Cooper and Summer L. Cooper to Robert James Davis, Christine Marie Davis, Colin Robert Davis and Rachel Elizabeth Davis $217,500

301 Bracken Drive from Marlene B. Sheard and Jackson A. Sheard, Jr. to Furman T. Shorter $154,000

576 Spring Hill Road from Roy K. Winter to Timothy W. Lindberg and Kelly J. Boswell $540,000

301 Plymouth Pass Drive from Pei Tang and Xiaofang Zhang to Michael Aitchison $250,000

210 Dawson Park Drive from James E. Thompson to Lynette D. Kinard Revocable Living Trust $110,000

309 Kelsey Glen Court from Dwight H. Daniels and Janet D. Daniels to Jacob Hamilton Spires and Heidi Leigh Spires $380,000

309 Bracken Drive from Kristen C. Heins and Jana K. Rego-Heins to Charles D. Head and Lynda B. Head $206,900

608 Rawl Road from Rhonda M. Tankersley to Jesse Miles Asmus and Amber Marie Asmus $198,000

117 Wynfair Court from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Scott N. Green and Murray Ann Green $259,999

154 Millstone Lane from William Gray and Hollie W. Gray to William W. Bradley and Naomi M. Bradley $265,000

131 Hidden Lane from Scott A. Keyton and Heather A. Keyton to Gary Lutfy and Susan Bartelli $330,000

124 Wood Park Drive from Mark P. Whitaker and Ann E. Kingsolver to Rachel B. Marrs $162,500

116 Lassiter Court from Whitney Renee Wise Buckland to Allison Wagenlander Auld and James Clifford Auld $265,000

125 Underwood Drive from Brett K. Sumner and Whitney Cantey Sumner to Amanda M. Shealy $206,500

112 Longingly Lane from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Anh Kim Huynh $330,987

205 Efird St. from Wayne D. Roberts and Carol C. Roberts to Lexington Baptist Church $125,000

263 Luna Trail from Shavel S. Fagan f/k/a Shavel S. Loungs and Caliphor J. Fagan to Joseph Duane Mills and Elise Mills $205,000

412 Sterling Brook Drive from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to John Andrew Phillips and Karie Suzanne Phillips $333,212

126 Drooping Leaf Drive from American Homes 4 Rent Properties Ten, LLC to Whitley Hollman and Chad Whaley $135,000

309 N. Lake Drive from Estate of Curtis C. Stewart to 309 North Lake, LLC $334,000

605 Westbrook Way from Glenn Atwell Gray, Jr. and Lataisha B. Gray to Neveland Ashley Cannon and Sara Lundsey Cannon $223,000

101 Baywood Drive from Inez P. Black to John W. Boan and Andy W. Boan $110,000

120 Longingly Lane from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Richard Tindell and Joy Tindell $315,882

135 Loch Levin Lane from Barry Clonts and Mary Claire Clonts to William L. Taylor and Amanda K. Taylor $459,000

587 Bronze Drive from Matthew Sullivan and Sara Elizabeth Shockney n/k/a Sara Elizabeth Sullivan to Francesco Ferrara and Jessica Laura Deldevert $310,000

175 Chesterbrook Lane from Victoria E. Jepson to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $137,000

5363 Augusta Road from Mundo Investments, LLC to Auto Gallery Holdings, Inc. $2,500,000

140 Waterway Court #18B from Sunnyhill Plantation, LLC to Wanda Vaughn Moore $225,000


146 Siddington Way from David J. Siderman and Ann M. Siderman to Jonathan M. Davis and Gretchen N. Davis $166,000

153 Loyd Court from Jeremy C. Summer and Brittany M. Summer to Dale Arthur Murphy and Crystal Vaughn Murphy $186,700

142 Rowland Pines Court from SMK Homes, LLC to Elton Johnson and Cherry Johnson $268,000

409 Crassula Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Kannard Bass and Kwanesia Bass $189,000

146 Darian Drive from James M. White and Cynthia K. White to Julie Wessinger and Grayson Wessinger $128,400

148 Mesa Verde Drive from Alexander Conn and Alexandra Conn to Kevon Martinez $163,400

203 Black Pine Court from Matthew J. Castleberry and Michelle T. Castleberry to Ashley Bell and William Charles Christopher, Jr. $191,000

219 Barefoot Drive from Paul T. Wolfe and Ludmila A. Wolfe to Michael James Sargent and Gloria Ann Sargent $255,000

915 Bannockburn Drive from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Minaxi Gandhi $282,738

133 Windstone Drive from Eulis L. Collier to Shawn P. Caldwell and Cindi L. Caldwell $224,500

111 Darian Drive from Donna M. Petty to Stefanie N. Rodvansky $122,000

88 Garden Pond Drive from Kelly Berry f/k/a Kelly Tissler and Helmut Tissler to James A. Brewer, Jr. and Chelsea Brewer $143,000

3114 Mineral Springs Road from Kristin N. Shull and Katelyn R. Shull to William Keith Corley $150,000

109 Crown Colony Court from Hali Alexandria Jeffcoat and Joel Dennis Jeffcoat to Sean K. Madden and Haley L. Colegrove $128,000

109 Maple Ridge Court from Nikolaus Reh and Crystal Reh to Marlease Smith $183,000

337 Ridgehill Drive from Dennis F. Parrish and Lorraine Parrish to Shareka D. Peterson $174,500

522 Long Ridge Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Godfrey L. Burnett and Jane R. Burnett $267,396

416 Peak Copper Court from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Humberto Guerra and Gricelda I. Guerra $181,082

2204 Trakand Drive from Mungo Home Properties, LLC to Nathan A. Berry and Kelly G. Berry $187,423

408 Ridgehill Drive from Moses McFadden, Jr. and Barbara L. McFadden to Craig L. Barnwell, Jr. $168,500

107 Viclynn Run from Sean Reigle and Kelsey Reigle to Gina Marie Beebe and Gary Burnett Beebe $189,900

142 Whitton Court from John E. Bowman and Cindy L. Bowman to Shanna Michelle Dunbar and Robert Paul Dunbar $160,000

225 Riglaw Circle from Pamela S. Wilbur to Taylor M. Priester $143,000

728 Spring Cress Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Kimberly Ann Narveson and Allan Dale Narveson $287,900

825 Red Solstice Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Craig Ashford and Margetta Ashford $230,000

116 Crickhollow Circle from Di Anna Layman Living Trust to Jean B. McKenzie $140,000

610 Walter Lane from Zachary D. Derose to Emilee J. Zimolka and Seldon J. Cook $243,000

664 Westwood Drive from Jeffrey A. Bell and Ashley A. Bonisteel n/k/a Ashley Bell to Asia L. Boyd and Loretta B. Weaver $141,000

106 Reading Court from Safe Haven Properties, LLC to Christine Manapat $145,000

341 Pin Oak Drive from Palmetto Elite Properties, LLC to Regina S. Taylor $145,500

250 Viking Lane from Greg A. Stanley a/k/a Gregory A. Stanley to Joshua Graham Tate Kendall $178,500

4266 Augusta Road from Port Royal Medical Investments, LLC to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 28 DST $1,617,415

756 Sequoia Drive from NVR, Inc. to Shawnsteven Myers $176,990

3263 Emanuel Church Road from Nola M. Kjelgaard a/k/a Nola Moen Kjelgaard to Shae Murphy $315,000

133 Knotts Road from Gary Long and Shirley Long to Gregory Ryan Webb and Nichole Tucker $177,000

168 Ridge Terrace Lane from Angelo A. Amodio to Briana Redmond $159,900

260 Mockingbird Circle from Heritage Furniture Company, LLC to Michael T. Baisley and Alana Patricia Baisley $198,000


630 Dreher Island Road from Bryan R. Potts to Corey W. Metts $340,000


313 Bud Rish Road from Preston Cooper to Cody A. Wolford and Mallor Wolford $120,000

849 Cedar Creek Road from Nicholas A. Parcenka and Michelle L. Parcenka to Preston Cooper and Ellaree Cooper $200,000

853 Gus Sturkie Road from Mary F. Nesbitt a/k/a Mary Frances Nesbitt to Earl S. Shirey, III $217,000


1105 and 1113 Hall St. from C and D Properties, LLC to City of West Columbia $218,000

145 Congaree Park Drive from Maree F. Webster to Susan C. Aude $155,000

110 Sabal Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to William M. Blackmon, Jr. $159,958

228-229 Parson St. from Parson Street – BG, LLC to CUSP, LLC $650,000

134 Sabal Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Lexis E. Frazier $157,000

202 Harvest Glen Lane from James H. Hooten, II to Rachael Stanforth $169,900

1735 C Avenue from Robert D. Watts to Marybeth E. McDonnell $140,600

1228 G Avenue from The Moye Company, LLC to Patrick Alton Burt $125,000

420 Millcrest Lane from Jonathan Scott Busbee and Victoria Busbee to Raven Pasley Cooler $206,000

1653 Goldfinch Lane from Lula Marie Dowd f/k/a Lula Marie Moss and Roy Dowd to Samuel D. Smith and Bobbie J. Smith $175,000

126 Sabal Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Scott D. Clark and Sharon L. Clark $155,902


239 Orchard Hill Drive from F. Wayne Morrill to Richard D. Fowler and Cheryl L. Fowler $189,900

125 Robin Forest Drive from Margaret Mattison and Donald R. Mattison to Pamela S. Brunson and Robert Jason Brunson $212,500

426 Henslowe Lane from Sherry Lantz to Jeremiah Leon Green and Elena Green $235,500

165 Dove Trace Drive from Wendy D. Jeffcoat and Kayla N. Jeffcoat to Ashleigh Brooke Davis $125,000

238 Turnfield Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Robin Nelson $197,500

118 Emanuel Creek Drive from Martin R. Brefeld to Christine A. DiMuzio and Lois H. DiMuzio $187,000

195 Turnfield Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Kathryn M. Christensen and Justyn R. Christensen $178,900

336 Oristo Ridge Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Madison Beck $177,012

308 Oristo Ridge Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Joel Bruns $177,717

324 Oristo Ridge Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Pamela S. Wilbur $183,263

235 Shell Mound Court from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Daniel H. Dorling and Oana G. Dorling $176,900


814 Frogmore Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Teresa M. Calhoun $198,000

412 Calcutta Drive from H. Michael Zafoot to Joshua Allen Collins and Kaitlan Alexandria Zafoot Collins $140,000

734 Lansford Bay Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Ishmael D. Larry and Katrina L. Larry $163,000

1132 Lillie Avenue from Kyle W. Czajkowski and Priscilla Czajkowski to Joseph James Eadie and Patricia Christine Eadie $130,000

218 Vista View Court from Will Womack and Leigh Brazeau a/k/a Leigh Womack to Kenny J. Biddle, Jr. $239,000


2700 Woodland Hills E. from Patricia P. Burgess to Richard Thomas Starling, Jr. $156,000

125 Dunaway Court from Christine A. DiMuzio to B&B Oxford, LLC $195,000

739 Westover Road from Patricia R. Heiny, Stephen B. Heiny and Curtis E. Heiny to Willard Stover and Angela Williams $149,000

207 Linsbury Circle from Stewardship Homes, LLC to William E. Steiert and Meleva Steiert $176,000


924 Seton Road from Dilip Teppara to Calvin Uzell McDonald and Latoya McDonald $129,900

602 Timberleaf Court from Richard P. Berger and Brooke E. Berger f/k/a Brooke E. Mosley to Ross Davis Kellis and Heather Jane Kellis $225,000

213 Williamstown Way from Donald J. Schepker, Jr. and Kristen E. Schepker to Kyle Hickerson $420,000

132 Seafarer Lane from Alexandra M. Hayth to Carrie M. Lyerly $123,000

809 Seton Road from Jacob Benjamin Allen to Sean Lucas and Julia Lucas $101,000

16 Crossbow Place from 864 Investments, LLC and Papanoo, LLC to Anjanette Leigh Hadder $127,000

419 Tristania Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Blake L. Shaffer and Pamela J. Shaffer $317,000

227 Hunters Blind Drive from Samuel H. Moxley and Joyce P. Moxley to Oliver P. Densford, Jr., Theresa S. Densford and Sarah R. Densford $218,000

208 Cooper Ridge Road from Christopher Ronald Ball to Stephen C. Dennis and Jennifer Olimpia Dennis $213,223

101 Char Oaks Drive from Allen L. Horne and Kathy H. Horne to Daniel E. Ralyea and Christine M. Ralyea $410,000

148 Chasehunt Drive from William M. Blackmon, Jr. to Katelyn C. Wiant and Kathern C. Wiant $156,500

231 Shoals Landing Drive from Hurricane Construction, Inc. to Robyn N. Hertler $209,990

137 Blue Church Court from Susan B. Reese and A. Randy Reese to Christopher J. Land and Jennifer H. Land $355,900

169 Stockmoor Road from Angela R. Amick to Linda Newman $145,000



6 Scarlett Lane from Kevin H. Culp and Ashley G. Culp to Don H. Nelson $194,500

332 Bloomsbury Circle from Randall S. Ables and Elizabeth C. Ables to Martin Hieb and Karen Hieb $275,000

319 Lorick Horton Road from Hilton Investments, LLC to Abdul Humphrey $224,900

658 Red Fox Road from Andrew W. Piasecki and Jennifer A. Piasecki to Ned T. Towell and Mary K. Farnell $110,000

1805 Kennedy Drive from Frank E. Dropla to Michael N. Dropla and Jessica C. Dropla $109,000

116 Southern Oak Drive from Telfa Dene Grant to Barry L. Johnson and Connie F. Johnson $212,900

46 Merry Way from Elizabeth Coke Lawson to Jennifer R. Glass, Ryland S. Glass and Ryland S. Glass $359,000

413 Bruce Drive from Lisa Murray to Carl Henry Ruediger and Ruth Elaine Ruediger $158,000

1441 Sanders Creek Road from Estate of Harriet G. Heriot to Alicia Allmond and Samuel Allmond $451,490


33 Driftwood Avenue from Carol Mayer a/k/a Carol Joy Mayer to Dwight W. Helmuth and Tiffany M. Helmuth $164,000

27 Sugar Maple Court from Parrish Jesse Colvin and Shirley Ann Colvin to Matthew Seymour, Karen Seymour and Rebecca Seymour $183,000

23 Lacebark Lane from Doug Yengel and Melanie Yengel to Charles Prior $161,500

79 Kelsney Ridge Drive from Peter O. Morrill and Leonila I. Espiritu to Michael Walter $236,300

34 Thatch Palm Court from Patricia D. Hayes f/k/a Patricia D. Northcutt to Ray S. Prater $194,900

1439 Smyrna Road from Charles Koon Builders, Inc. to Quinnton Dea’jon Burrell $164,800

413 Sessions Road from Madi Investments, LLC to Kelly Lynn Owen and John W. Owen $230,500

28 Abbey Road from Elberto Gutierrez a/k/a Eliberto Gutierrez, Jr. to Tracey A. Gilliland and Bethany Gilliland $205,000

1409 Haigs Creek Drive from Kenneth R. Rector and Cheryl L. Rector to Eliberto Gutierrez, Jr. and Sabine Nicole Gutierrez $175,000

10 Nature Lane from Maria Bolden n/k/a Maria Thomas to LeAisha Myers and Janice Myers $165,000

21 Regal Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Kyle Andrew Zinn and Crystal Marie Zinn $261,348

98 Kelsney Ridge Derive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Arlene Samuel $245,701

73 Emery Hill Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Michael R. Miller and Nicole A. Miller $411,896


750 Oak Ridge Church Road from Ed Facteau and Diane Facteau to Frank A. Lapico and Anita Lapico $136,000


2418 Hammond Road from Nicholas J. Rollins and Travis Rollins to Karen M. Baxley and Don W. Baxley, Jr. $295,000

2332 Gull Road from Clara Margaret Marshall Rogers to Jo Sitton Marshall Roper $125,000


1852 Springdale Road from Madi Investments, LLC to Albert W. Crocker, Jr. and Joan M. Crocker $114,900

10 Bowhunter Court from Thomas F. Schaeffer and Christina Schaeffer to Ricky S. Hayes and Patricia N. Hayes $270,000

469 Pine Grove Road from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Clayton A. Summerton and Kaylee F. Summerton $197,832

863 Grey Fox Road from Mary L. Wooten to Elizabeth Hall Eubank $250,000

27 Bowie Drive from Lawrence E. Allard, II to Janet Foreman $175,000


437 Cantey Lane from Wilhelmina McEwan Combs to Jennifer S. Young and Hunter L. Young $220,000


1658 Ginkgo Trail from Sandra Kirkley Brady to Anthony J. Caterbury and Joan L. Canterbury $365,000

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