What Sold Near You @ September?

Below is a list of the latest property transfers as reported by The State Newspaper.

As you can see, the list is by county, zip code, then the street address of properties that have transferred.

Let us know if you would like to be on this list as a buyer or seller! My number is 803-447-8683 and email is Franklin@TheNeighborhoodRE.com.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones



Top Five Richland County

1.93 acres fronting Hardscrabble Road 29016 from The Rangaswami Family Trust to Columbia Hardscrabble, LLC $2,900,000
511 Rimer Pond Road 29016 from A&C Rentals to Round Top Baptist Church $800,000

2849 Stratford Road 29204 from Fredric Woriax and Melissa Woriax to Peyton Durham Bryant and Lyndey Ritz Zwing Bryant $645,000

1210 Ellett Road 29036 from Susan V. Plyler to Joe W. Turbeville and Sarah W. Turbeville $600,000

4529 Nandina Drive 29206 from E. Myron Barwick and Lucy M. Barwick to Joshua Woods Livingston and Polly Rankin Livingston $538,500

Top Five Lexington County

5222 Sunset Boulevard 29072 from Lexington Square, LLC to Lexington at Hope Ferry, LLC $26,798,240

250 Berryhill Road, 100, 121 and 220 Executive Center Drive 29210 from LSREF2 Newton, LLC to BV DRP Synergy Owner, LLC $24,250,000

136 Habra Court 29073 from Martin O’Neal Laird to Jarret W. Todd and Mary Todd $900,000

1936 Amick Drive 29054 from Edgar R. Richardson and Linda N. Richardson Joint Trust to Robert M. Bennett and Wanda H. Bennett $880,000

402 Nautical Court 29036 from Charlie P. Farley, Jr. and Linda J. Farley to Yamil Malave and Claudia Malave $650,000

Top Five Kershaw County

2102 Lake Road 29130 from Linda G. Stogner Revocable Trust to Leland Neal Leonhardt and Kimberly R. Leonhardt $545,000

1645 Etters Lane 29032 from Bruce Gunther and Mary Lynch to Nicholas Charney and Jessica Charney $390,000

152 Kelsney Ridge Road 29045 from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Douglas E. Swager and Jeanne E. Swager $371,256

2683 Harbor View Road 29020 from David B. Petway and Erica H. Petway to Richard Hood $342,500

1465 Ponderosa Drive 29032 from Kenneth Poole and Jennifer Poole to Timothy J. Soesman and Yasmin Lopez $333,000

Richland County


134 Tam O Shanter from Richard D. Ries and Donna J. Ries to Henry W. Suber III and Sharolynn Suber $283,000

1.93 acres fronting Hardscrabble Road from The Rangaswami Family Trust to Columbia Hardscrabble LLC $2,900,000

324 Nava Wren Road from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jane L. Salter $243,204

511 Rimer Pond Road from A&C Rentals to Round Top Baptist Church $800,000

323 Shadowmoss Land from Mungo Homes Inc. to Terrell Vernon Pack and Shenika Brazell Pack $254,900

142 Pineview Church Road from Mathew E. Colling and Estate of Martha P. Frick f/k/a Martha Price Tilley to Allen B. Louthian and Guy B. Louthian $121,500

202 N. High Duck Trail from Fabian A. Murillo to Donald Peteet $190,000


1416 Wonder Drive from Tibble E. Warren to Donald Azarigian $249,900

346 Hollow Cove Road from Mungo Homes Inc. to Yasmin G. Baltzegar $208,400

1210 Ellett Road from Susan V. Plyler to Joe W. Turbeville and Sarah W. Turbeville $600,000

133 Cordage Drive from Brandon Kemp Crutchfield and Kim S. Crutchfield to Kirk Bingenheimer, Maria W. Bingenheimer and Hannah O. Bingenheimer $168,000

342 Hollow Cove Road from Mungo Homes Inc. to William H. Covey Sr. and Jean L. Covey $274,332

1801 Johnson Marina Road from Douglas Pate Burrow and Christy Watkins Burrow to Catherine M. Davis and John B. Davis $389,500

278 Hilton Village Drive from Michael S. Padjen and Bobbie J. Padjen to James M. Newton and Jennifer M. Newton $296,000

633 Autumn Ridge Road from Philip J. Sullivan Sr. and Anna C. Sullivan to Bryan Chinella and Reegan Chinella $310,000

613 Calypso Court from Mungo Homes Inc. to Kevin D. Rolin and Megan A. Farmer $180,346


206 Peach Grove Circle from Dorothy D. Greene and Dennis W. Lewis to Madie J. Evans and Ronald H. Evans $230,000

418 Windrush Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Arlene Roberson and DeMont Alexander Roberson $277,343

437 Stillwater Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Robert Fitzgerald Johnson and Amber N. Johnson $237,570

1372 Green Turf Lane from Kristy Hixon to Tecola Belton $180,000

3 Tamwood Court from April L. Day n/k/a April Day Silva to William Cody Boone $124,000


401 Hunting Creek Road from Francis E. Wilkes Jr. and Ann F. Wilkes to Odell Simpson $260,000

116 Alexander Pointe Drive from Stewart Family Trust to Angela Renee Cooper $139,900


2721 Kennerly Road from Henry Mathias Duvall to RTMS Properties LLC $110,000

608 Riverwalk Way from Sharon Taylor and Robert Taylor to Autumn Rene Lang and Chandler Ray Kauffman $160,000

120 Kenwood Court from David P. Sykes and Norma Jennifer Sykes to Jonathan M. Douglas and Celestine M. Douglas $382,000

109 Ivy Garden Lane from Ruff Family Trust to Kenneth A. Hubbard Sr. and Carol A. Hubbard $135,000

543 Crawfish Lane from David Coulter Wilson and Constance Napoli Wilson to Linda R. Cranford and Sarah Ruff $255,000

101 Minehead Road from Sunbelt Rental Investments II LLC to William Gates Harbe II $105,000

308 Trinity Three Road from Latasha R. Legette n/k/a Latasha R. Rowe to Willie L. Greeley and Suzette Meggett $135,000

151 Cabin Drive from Penny L. Armstrong and David F. Armstrong to Arden H. Scollon and Richard Brian Scollon Jr. $207,000

406 S. Royal Tower Drive from Travis S. Nelson to Kayle A. Wielkie $122,000

4 Sparwood Court from Noreen Giovinzaai to Roderick Eugene Eichelberger $149,900

6 Swainson Court from Rory Christopher Moon and Carol Joy Moon to Molly Cogdill $220,000

75 Millers Branch Court from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Nancy Amanda Ross $316,588

108 Bithynia Circle from Betty J. Holbrooks to Alan C. Taylor and Alison C. Taylor $400,000

201 Heathwood Circle from Frank E. Marshall and Tamara L. Marshall to David Ryan Morris and Renee W. Morris $233,000

313 Dutch Drive from Hayley C. Lawson and Joan C. Crowe to Federico Moratorio and Megan Moratorio $120,000


908 Florence St. from Gregory Duckworth and Christine M. Duckworth to Susan C. Bon $175,000

1019 Darlington St. from Gerald Earl Hotchkiss to Brian J. Gaines $312,000

356 Canal Place Drive from Alison Ruth Mays to William Fudger $179,250

1324 Pulaski St., A112 from Paul B. Springett to Creekwood-Russell Pkwy LLC $250,000

900 S. Stadium Road, Unit S401 from Mark Rezac and Kathleen Rezac to Walter M. Safrit II and Lynn Scott Safrit $142,000

2315 Park St. from Jeffrey R. Turnbull and Laura A. Turnbull to Kenneth Dale Wagster and Linda H. Wagster $485,000


6 N. Silas Brook Court from Datus LLC to Danielle S. Foxworth $113,000

9 Chasewood Court from David Grageda to Latisha S. Jones $130,000

6040 Monticello Road from Mustafa Noor, Noor Khan and Cynthia Rogers to Monticello Road 3 LLC $189,000


2822 Sheffield Road from Annsley J. Schwartz a/k/a Annsley S. Jordan to Allan Charles Haynes and Shawn Hicks Haynes $336,000

1827 York Drive from Ely F. Smith and Emilee Jevannah Smith to Rachel L. Austin $196,000

3000 Exmoor Road from Sandra M. Avinger to Jessica R. Seal and Cameron W. Rainey $164,000

2532 Washington St. from Housing Authority of the City of Columbia SC a/k/a Housing Authority of the City of Columbia, South Carolina to Bailey R. Chumney $115,020

2508 Rigby Drive from Margaret M. Holland a/k/a Margaret McGrath Holland and Morgan B. Holland a/k/a Morgan Brady Holland to Annsley S. Jordan $134,000

1618 Cherry Laurel Drive from Joshua N. Hill to Robert Douglass Clyburn $155,000

3412 Fox Hall Road from Michael Norris, Sherry Norris and Michael Ron Norris II to Casey C. Moore, Walter S. West and Sasha L. Wilson $185,000

2849 Stratford Road from Fredric Woriax and Melissa Woriax to Peyton Durham Bryant and Lyndey Ritz Zwing Bryant $645,000


1114 Princeton St. from Michael Virzi to Amy L. Watson $230,000

2503 Monroe St. from Amy L. Watson to Satish Jayachandban and Saiba Srinivasan $346,000

1633 S. Beltline Blvd. from Joy Nellie Fain Copley to SFR3 LLC $116,000

1026 Suber St. from Athena Group LTD to SFR3 LLC $105,000

606 S. Ott Road from Griffeth A. Madden to Brooks Andrew Miley and Theresa B. Miley $209,000


4419 Ivy Hall Road from Irene R. Fields to James E. Kirk and Barbara Kirk $325,000

4326 Kilbourne Road from Kristian E. Evans to Hannah Elizabeth Goudelock $179,900

1601 Atascadero Drive from Robert Douglas Clyburn to Carla Vernon Kea $120,000

4106 Macgegor Drive from Kevin A. Hall to Yolanda C. Courie $412,500

4514 Arcadia Road from Act Capital LLC to Patrick S. Roof and Marguerite G. Roof $325,000

4529 Nandina Drive from E. Myron Barwick and Lucy M. Barwick to Joshua Woods Livingston and Polly Rankin Livingston $538,500


7315 Venus Road from Nora James Coutee and Linda J. Coutee to SFR3, LLC $100,000

531 Veterans Road from Carol D. Harbin and Cynthia H. Cothran to Kirkland H. Jordan $140,650

36 Silverleaf Court from William R. Edwards and Patricia L. Edwards to James Sisson $158,000

7924 Folly Lane from George F. Griffith and Winifred H. Griffith to Ina F. Redemann $126,000

8 Southbury Lane from William H. Bouchard Trust to Carol D. Harbin $160,000

1433 Sandra Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Devesha Mayes $154,656

849 Forest Park Road from Willis Brenton Brazell to Lydia P. Wingard $129,900

809 Knollwood Drive from Nicholas P. Collins to Justin Ray Moore $162,000

7114-7116 Patterson Road from Path to Freedom LLC to John Zachary Dellinger and Hsin-I Huang $108,500


1100 Bluff Road, Unit 109 from Robert N. Shealy and Sandra S. Shealy to 409 Watermarke LLC $235,000

813 Chablis Drive from Kevin Bennett to Cathi Cooper $132,500

314 Brookgreen Drive from Papanoo LLC to Maurie Bethel and Shane J. Bethel $142,000


125 Beaver Dam Road from Milagros Valentin to Wenbin Tan and Elaine G. Taine $487,500

3027 Kings Way from David J. Westeren and Slobhan O. Westeren to Tyler A. Perkins and Nichole Perkins $162,000

413 Sheridan Drive from Michael T. Szymanski and Tammy A. Szymanski to Sandy M. Price and Joseph M. Price $110,000

300 Shallow Brook Drive from Daniel J. Putnam and Judith L. Putnam to Ruby Fielding $335,000

148 Belleford Ridge Road from Jason Hokaj and Dawn Hokaj to David Wells Jr. and Mae E. Wells $420,000

305 Dove Park Road from Michelle L. Scott to Ana Yensi Perez $139,000

9 Tiftgreen Circle from Leslie Romelfanger to Gary W. Coggins and Patti C. Coggins $365,000

5838 Spring Court from Larry Eleazer Trust and Barbara Eleazer Family Trust to SFR3 LLC $139,000

128 Whixley Lane from Ron L. Doiron and Wendy Doiron to Lavarr Russell and Trenace Washington $135,000

112 Shallow Brook Drive from Angela Mergelos and Judy Mergelos to Huynh Duc Nguyen and Kim Nguyen $384,900

139 Gate Post Lane from MRL Rentals LLC to Anand Rao Kadari $112,000

416 Shallow Brook from William R. Hollingsworth to Nicholas E. Vigneur and Erica D. Vigneur $299,999


39 Dovecreek from Mary Skinner Jones to Chineta R. Hill $129,000

554 Buckhaven Way from Tiffany Ayesha Lowe to Conrex Master LLC $149,000

418 Wagner Trail from Elizabeth A. Troub to Ruth Martin Ausband $184,500

303 Loggerhead Drive from Francis G. Carron and Cynthia S. Carron to Henry B. White Jr. and Sahara White $175,000

146 Box Turtle Court from Marvin M. Slade and Tammy R. Slade to Paige Doyle $160,000

136 Harborside Circle from MM2 LLC to Lauren M. McCrarey and Kevin L. McCrarey $273,000

1525 Legion Drive from Canmore Investment Group LLC to Marie Singleton and Cassandra Sanchez $200,000

27 Cleyera Court from Henry Donelle Baxter and Wanda S. Baxter to Takenya C. Atkins $189,900

291 Long Pointe Lane from Jack S. DeMao and Theresa A. DeMao to Anthony Banks $134,000

3 White Wing Court from Walter Brice Hedgecock to Michael Lee Johnson II $137,000

310 Bassett Loop from Judy L. Murphy to Jessica S. Richard and Victoria V. Neumon $142,000

125 Stamhope Court from Lashonda Johnson a/k/a Lashonda D. Johnson to Latonya M. Carr $110,000

204 Ivy Square Drive from Anna M. Doran to Richmond C. Taylor Sr. $112,000

500 Wilkinson Lane from Tysheonna T. Porcher to Clement S. Gogoa and Blia Patricia Olilo $149,500

8 Helrose Court from John T. Lutz and Mary Kay Lutz to Sedred Montreze Buck and Tashe Jeane Chatman $170,000

317 Sugar Mill Road from Carson Nicholas Meehan to Nicholas J. Meehan $140,000

179 Piedmont Ridge from John A. Fonville and Etsuko Fonville to Sonya T. Lakin and Moses B. Lakin $249,900

809 Winsham Drive from Jason Earl Davis and Susanna Davis to John Sugg and Patti Sugg $333,000

325 Ash Tree Road from James Bush to Calvin D. Jackson $215,000

Lexington County


228 Line St. from Linda Deloach to Bobby T. Ryan and Erin Ryan $197,900

105 Cellar Lane from James R. Mitchell Jr. and Nadine L. Mitchell to Christon D. Rice $144,000


824 Karlaney Avenue from Adam Joseph Kays to David Woodbury $183,000

800 Naples Avenue from Scott B. Sturkie to Bryan P. McAvoy $176,500


Emerald Shore Road, Lots 24, 25 and 27 from Bette J. Carlsen to M. Alan Peace $133,000

402 Nautical Court from Charlie P. Farley Jr. and Linda J. Farley to Yamil Malave and Claudia Malave $650,000

316 Fairway Pond Court from Ronald H. Evans and Madie J. Evans to Vicki Lynn McBride $267,500

260 Walkridge Way from Leann Coghlan to Joshua L. Fink and Annalisa G. Fink $169,000

329 Dutchman Shores Circle from Celeste Wood to Hanna Lei Garo and Jacob W. Atterson $200,000

929 Bear Point from Red Cabin Homes LLC to Elliott Shaw Hart $515,000

107 Milmont Shores Road from Carl Resnick to Brandi D. Floyd and Terry J. Francis $172,000

170 Whispering Oak Lane from Philip D. Melton and Erin N. Melton to SFR JV-1 Property LLC $158,000

113 Old Laurel Lane from A. Charles Craft III and Manita B. Craft to Chad H. Boozer and Katie H. Boozer $433,100


116 Eagle Ridge Road from John E. Leeman and Geneva T. Leeman to Hunter A. Bennett $104,000


1936 Amick Drive from Edgar R. Richardson and Linda N. Richardson Joint Trust to Robert M. Bennett and Wanda H. Bennett $880,000

417 Dot Court from Clifford P. Fisher IV to Kevin Charles Poley and Jean Ann Poley $435,000

735 Windy Road from Michelle M. Kohler to Brenton A. Baty and Kaylie M. Cheplick $130,000

368 Kimberton Drive from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Kenneth Lerue Jordan III and Page Ligon Jordan $398,470

137 Front St. from estate of Paul Walter Tierney to Victoria Parson and Zachary Q. Parson $169,000

2334 Shulls Fork Road from Ronald E. Williams and Debra K. Williams to David Joseph Banks and Susan Jane Banks $460,000


105 Castle Vale Road from Jessica E. Cornish to Conrex Master LLC $114,500

230 Whitby Road from Beverly St. George to Amelia Edith Head $125,000

220 Bonuck Road from Irmo Properties, LLC to Katherine Terrell Waidner $232,100


149 Harbour Watch Boulevard from Miriam C. Fultz to Jay M. Jones and Sandra E. Jones $365,000

324 Frank Shealy Road from Thomas D. Simmons II, Barbara W. Jones f/k/a Barbara W. Blair and Samantha R. Frizzell to Charles Toney and Margaret Toney $350,000


109 Pheasant Glen Court from Michael M. Renner to Kenneth James Heller and Jennifer Lynn Heller $355,000

330 Farmhouse Loop from Harry W. Davis III to Carron Jett $157,000

136 Wigmore Lane from Ryan J. Wilkinson to Christopher M. Thiel and Mary Elizabeth Thiel $144,900

140 Montrose Drive from Joe M. Ozbolt and Carolyn J. Ozbolt to Kevin Kull and Stormy Kull $260,000

247 Clearbrook Circle from NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Rhoad $241,748

459 Sterling Road from Nathan G. Knorr and Sarah E. Knorr to James Brett Cooke $199,800

226 Clearbrook Circle from Fortress Homes, LLC to Eriberto Macias-Reyes and Mariel Garcia Fuentes $238,355

43 Boardwalk Lane from Harold J. Hunt and Barbara V. Hunt to Vickie L. Williams-Cannelongo $126,000

129 Longingly Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Gary Joseph Lane Jr. and Janei Emarie Lane $293,182

336 Turners Court from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Carl W. Costenbader Jr. and Kathleen Costenbader $500,000

138 Huntington Circle from Dallas A. Gardner III to Lonita L. Gasperson $112,000

213 Morning Dew Drive from D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Aaron Dellorco and Michelle Dellorco $319,975

4 Boardwalk Lane from Joseph J. Sloan Jr. Living Trust and Teresa I. Sloan Living Trust to Timothy W. Stewart, Tara H. Stewart and Alexis Stewart $120,000

6 Low Hill Lane from Rachel P. Rutledge and Ronald J. Rutledge to Joshua C. Fulwood and Megan O. Fulwood $158,000

213 Blacksmith Road from M. Brockington Allen to Timothy M. Keese $177,000

100 Lunsford Lane from Stacy Sheppard to Arnold J. Schultz and Connie L. Schultz Declaration of Trust $157,500

208 Morning Dew Drive from D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Travis T. Armstrong and Angelica Armstrong $333,000

140 Grafton Lane from Timothy M. Keese and Janolyn Wheeler to Ruth E. Poland $137,200

166 Hunters Ridge Drive from Anna Frierson f/k/a Anna D. Biggers and Robert J. Frierson to Joseph F. Buschur and Danielle K. Buschur $193,000

16 Longshadow Circle from Travis B. Arbaugh to Adam Ryan Beale $129,900

181 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Ronald K. Mulligan and Joeli A. Mulligan $330,256

635 Brandon Court from Gene F. Young and Modenna B. Young to Danny L. Willoughby and Carol S. Willoughby $345,000

5222 Sunset Boulevard from Lexington Square LLC to Lexington at Hope Ferry LLC $26,798,240

257 Greenview Court from J. Brian Pearson a/k/a Jack Brian Pearson to Lane R. Small $200,000

210 Flutter Drive from Casey L. Gilbert to Linda L. Young $185,000

315 Merus Drive from Alexander D. Black to Dalton Cole Sturkie and Taylor Danielle Sturkie $190,000

353 Saddlebrooke Road from Brad M. Tuttle and Elaine H. Tuttle to Jeffrey A. Langston and Shalane T. Langston $157,000

5537 Sunset Boulevard from Mary Ann Gibson Revocable Trust to 5537 Sunset Boulevard LLC $650,000

355 Caroline Hill Road from Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Lindsay S. Miller $154,900

129 Honey Hill Court from Jeff Webster and Morhan Webster to Maria J. Sabillon Andonie and Gianni Gonzalez Ochoa $131,500

8 Low Hill Lane from SRJ Homes, LLC to Gregory A. Camp and Linda B. Camp $170,000

136 Alston Circle from Edwin A. Wegleitner and Tracy L. Wegleitner to Julio Urresta and Carolina Montoya $460,000

305 Cobbleview Drive from Patricia L. Chapman-Jennings and Estate of Norma Jean Futch Baker to Durward Rodger Givens III and Lauren Emily Cruse Givens $165,500

813 Beechleaf Court from Ronald H. Evans and Madie J. Evans to Aaron Soto and Raven Soto $290,580

109 Rosewood Court from Robert E. Spires Jr. to Jared C. Poole and Carly J. Poole $132,000

334 Nehemiah Road from McGuinn Homes LLC to Mehulkumar C. Patel and Gayatriben S. Patal $184,010

219 Cherokee Shores Drive from Jaime Hair to Alan David Silver and Angela Michelle Silver $140,500

105 Jillian Place from James Braun and Kimberley E. Perry to Michael Stuart and Hannah Stuart $347,000

131 Breezes Drive, Unit A from Linda K. Sease to Ronald C. Proper and Nancy L. Proper $175,000

125 Cherokee Pond Court from Louis Bradley Epps and Recia L. Epps to Jacob Benchoff and Nicole Benchoff $241,500

318 Coldwater Crossing from Lifestone Residential LLC to Wilbur H. Taylor and Tracy L. Taylor $353,731

512 Tailwater Bend from Lifestone Residential LLC to Ryan Hall and Cari Hall $471,553

426 Greenetree Lane from Jordan Hamilton Fink and Maegan Elizabeth Dean n/k/a Maegan Dean Fink to Samuel Berry Hudson and Rachel Hudson $315,000

309 Oakpointe Lane from Timothy W. Hoffman to Jeffrey R. Mondro $125,900


428 Adirondack Way from Mark R. O’Bryon and Kelly J. O’Bryon to Michael David Harris and Nancy A. Harris $231,000

102 Flinchum Place from Gregory S. Nagle and Jennifer L. Nagle to Derrick Brown and Stephanie Brown $162,000

922 Roper Mountain Court from D.R. Horton-Crown, LLC to Zahidul Wahab and Marzan Wahab $418,401

413 Ridgehill Drive from Selma Helena Santos Dacosta to Kimberly E. Felder $149,900

249 Southbrook Drive from William Anthony Klein to Prakashkvmar S. Patel and Varshaben P. Patel $199,000

196 Tylers Trail from Cathi E. Cooper to Jennifer J. Conlon $122,500

133 Chethan Circle from Kelly L. Brown to Jason R. Smith and Jennifer Nicole Lowery $177,000

414 Melodybrook Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Brenda B. Paul and Ruel R. Paul $204,818

617 Ladybug Lane from JJ&Z Builders, LLC to Christopher G. Bossett and Marcy L. Gossett $260,000

1304 Boiling Springs Road from Jared R.D. Collins and Emily H. Collins to Tarah Sanders $132,500

443 Heartwood Drive from Amanda W. Crumpton f/k/a Amanda C. Whitehead to Amber Russell $135,000

217 River Bridge Lane from D.R. Horton-Crown, LLC to Binalkumari J. Patel $342,120

244 Windy Hollow Drive from Alan Grey and Tammy Grey to Brandon O. Standish and Meghan Standish $157,900

304 Knotts Circle from David R. Moore and Ginger W. Moore to David R. Kinsella $163,000

716 Sequoia Drive from NVR, Inc. to Grant Waller $151,490

332 Louisa Lane from Christopher R. Mele to Jose A. Garcia $124,900

233 Whooping Crane Way from Jerry J. Pulsifer and Lori J. Pulsifer to Jeffrey O. Danna and Roza M. Kryzhanovska $352,500

125 Tennis View Court from Heather B. Williamson and Michael T. Williamson to John C. Torri $115,000

509 Timbermill Drive from David Queen and Mary Queen to Russell L. Moore $154,000

201 Bridleridge Road from Jason D. Green and Erin A. Green to Hayley Thomas $165,000

171 Mariscat Place from Kimberly D. Gunter n/k/a Kimberly D. Chavis to Bryan Taylor Easler and Debernadis Beatrice Cartagena $150,000

2872 Calks Ferry Road from KLS Columbia, LLC to Corey Brabbam Cochcroft and Kayla Michele Cothran $139,500

1521 Robert Hendrix Road from James Edward Burke, Jr. to Clinton M. McCord and Danielle E. McCord $252,500

500 Riglaw Circle from Joshua C. Fulwood to Alicia Marie Parker and Ryan Christopher Parker $147,500

261 Kyzer Road from Shelby J. Purdy and Cathy Ann Purdy to Marianne Y. Horn and Jamie D. Porth, Jr. $165,000

504 Bald Cypress Road from Nicolas Yvans Joseph and Deborah-Ann Alicia Joseph to Hariot Singh Banwait $249,000

136 Habra Court from Martin O’Neal Laird to Jarret W. Todd and Mary Todd $900,000

225 Cedar Vale Drive from Kelly J. Stubblefield to Sally W. Sharpe $121,000


154 Sandy Ridge Road from Jeremy J. Wilder to James Harold Walker and Amanda M. Drennon $143,099

177 Graceland Court from Evan P. Barone to Eric Alan Kerr $151,000


182 Whiteside Circle from VVW Development, Ltd., Co. to Michelle L. Felker $125,000

44 Hickory Hollow Court from Wombat Properties, LLC to Lisa A. Boyer $215,000

2225 Raven Trail from Marshall Bradley Elkins to Darrell Bentley Harris and D B Harris Services, LLC $132,364

121 Ashley Court from Leigh Ann Sweeny to Zachary Daniel McClendon and Rachel Marie Balzer $117,000

503 Jadetree Court from Dorothy A. Truell and Michael A. Truell to Kathryn Branham $137,500

405 Heatherwood Circle from Emile Christiane Payne to Flora R. Floyd $135,000


244 Stonewood Court from Martin E. Knight and Karen Angela Knight to Elizabeth Phillips Culler $118,500

128 Baywater Drive from Estate of Freida Byrd Mine to Stephen Knorr $216,900

127 Arthurdale Drive from EE Residential Properties, LLC to Randal Scott Franklin and Sheena McLemore Franklin $157,000

420 Congaree Ridge Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Paula M. Blair and Michael A. Blair $339,718

208 Dove Nest Court from Andrew V.B. Grizzell to Wendy Chada Davis $125,000

205 Heatherfield Court from Karen D. Weed to William R. Edwards and Patricia L. Edwards $160,000

413 Matilda Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Thomas E. Maddux and Carolyn L. Maddux $155,000

2509 Divinci Road from VVW Development, Ltd., Co. to Robert Edwards Yancey $200,000

549 Matilda Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Matthew E. Massengill and Katherine A. Massengill $173,709

386 Ashburton Lane from Clinton M. McCord and Danielle E. McCord to Richard Patrick Reyes and Taylor Fricke Reyes $217,000

326 Ashburton Lane from Bradley S. Bailey to Sheronda C. Dean $189,000


2923 Fish Hatchery Road from Estate of Sadie M. Lucas to TTCPN, LLC $142,500

104 Cloudburst Court from Guy C. Corbett, Jr. and Amy S. Corbett to Edward Shepherd and Jasmine Tyler $189,999


250 Berryhill Road, 100, 121 and 220 Executive Center Drive from LSREF2 Newton, LLC to BV DRP Synergy Owner, LLC $24,250,000

524 Old Friars Road from Michael S. Atkinson and Jennifer M. Atkinson to Hazel Walker and Franklin Walker $245,000

729 Tara Trail from Cynthia P. Carroll n/k/a Cynthia P. Smeltzer to Alfreda Gail Bryant $152,500

880 Gardendale Drive from Fred E. Bazemore to Fiona Laquita Moore $150,000

430 Hempsted Road from Alwyn Phillips and Goramae Phillips to County of Lexington $143,000


1011 Woodleaf Court from Craig W. Smalley and Susan M. Smalley to Dennison David Bean and Ruth Ann Bean $222,000

204 Tartan Road from Eunice H. White to Brandan Charles Rhoads and CaraLea Brianna Rhoads $123,000

1280 Berl Mar Road from Mary K. Steele and Jack Edwin Steele, III to Robert L. Hankins and Dana Hankins $155,000

102 Woodwinds Court from Paula Wright to Shirley Frazier $137,000

318 Crockett Road from John Paul Bittinger and Kathryn Hicken Bittinger to William Scott O’Brian $275,000

6004 Ellisor St. from Tangierina Cena to Noah C. Chavarria and Alison C. Berry $129,000

309 Berlandier Lane from Fortress Homes, LLC to Barry Bernstein $300,900

136 Walnut Lane from Regina Beth Rouse and Carl Bradford Rouse a/k/a Brad Rouse to Rico R. Reed and Barbara M. Reed $213,500

336 Brentland Court from TMW Holding, LLC to Victor Elias Castillo and Michaela Louise Castillo $205,000

328 Brentland Court from Ryan Sondergvan and Emily Sondervan to Michael Dorian Lawhead, Jr. $209,000

244 Stirlington Road from J.J. Properties For Sale, LLC to Jeffrey C. Yelverton, Jr. and Valerie Yelverton $117,000

838 Shore View Drive from Michael L. Ervin and Tracy Lynn Ervin to Rolando M. Santiago and Susan G. Santiago $640,000

Kershaw County


108 Cool Springs Drive from Estate of Phyllis C. Saunders, Richard Godfrey and Paula Godfrey to Richard Godfrey and Paula Godfrey $235,000

46 Merry Way from Tammy L. Looper and Leonard Doyle Lucas to Elizabeth Coke Lawson $330,000

239 Precipice Road from Aklverez Smith to Dustin T. Hough and Lauren Wood $136,000

2683 Harbor View Road from Eugene K. Weston, Jr. to David B. Petway and Erica H. Petway $250,000

2683 Harbor View Road from David B. Petway and Erica H. Petway to Richard Hood $342,500


1465 Ponderosa Drive from Kenneth Poole and Jennifer Poole to Timothy J. Soesman and Yasmin Lopez $333,000

1645 Etters Lane from Bruce Gunther and Mary Lynch to Nicholas Charney and Jessica Charney $390,000


37 Trenton Drive from Josh Holden and Leah Holden to James Michael Bigler-Damian $180,000

2483 Bowen St. from Gary B. Brower and Teresa W. Brower to Robert J. Andrews and Kelly J. Andrews $199,000

1589 Pine Valley Road from Laura’s of Elgin, LLC to Lisa M. Konesni and Druw M. McDaniels $132,500

42 Elmwood Boulevard from Cynthia D. Peake to Hunter L. Brazell and Kayla D. Brazell $136,000

997 Wildwood Lane from Dean E. Glover and Cynthia M. Glover to Remsy K. Munib $185,700

1820 Wildwood Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Jeremy E. Stillson and Candy T. Stillson $256,657

61 Kimpton Drive from Kelly N. Bryant to King Davis and Shatana Davis $142,000

6 Strawberry Field Lane from Rodney J. Blackwell to Jessica J. Gill $179,900

1807 Brett Lane from Jason Wendell Derr and Stephanie R. Derr to Christopher S. Cain and Tiffany Hutto $123,500

152 Kelsney Ridge Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Douglas E. Swager and Jeanne E. Swager $371,256


210 Millstone Road from Jerry Wayne Poston and Teresa H. Poston to Edward E. Bittinger $144,000


138 Laurel Crossing Drive from Andrew K. Wodarczyk and Donna I. Wodarczyk to Angelena K. McFadden and Carlos McFadden $255,000

1295 Old Field Road from Tina Cruz a/k/a Tina M. Cruz to Adam Jennings Truesdale $193,000

888 Guion Drive from Estate of Dallas Rabon, Sr. to Donald E. Branham, Jr. $193,000

22 Reisling Court from Haley H. LaMarche and Matthew R. LaMarche to SFR3, LLC $134,000

12 Hurdle Court from Jarrett L. Greenway and Stephanie B. Greenway to Kim Chi Wong $229,900

62 Middleton Drive from William E. Hinson and Holly C. Hinson to Linda G. Stogner Revocable Trust $315,000


2102 Lake Road from Linda G. Stogner Revocable Trust to Leland Neal Leonhardt and Kimberly R. Leonhardt $545,000

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