What’s Your Home Worth, Columbia?


I’m getting a late start tonight so I don’t have too much time to type. That said, check out our latest online project.  I’m aware the numbers aren’t perfect, to be sure.  After all, no robot or software could possibly know about newly added square footage, or account for your brand new killer kitchen.  Imperfections disclosed, the link above is a pretty slick real estate tool that allows anyone/everyone to check out what their home may be worth in today’s marketplace. Shoot, you can type in your neighbor’s, parent’s, or sister’s address. Pretty cool!

I’ll be tweaking this project over the next few months with a Columbia specific pic, etc. In the meantime, however, give it a spin and lemme know what you think. No sweat if you don’t want to ‘register.’ Just type in my initials or the word “Blog,” or whatever and a random email address.

Feel free to have a little fun checking out different addresses.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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