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Posted by Scext on Monday, February 5, 2018

Sunday’s Super Bowl was fun to watch. That said, a lot of people are still scratching their heads.

After watching Philly’s touchdown catch in the video above, the first thing the group I was with brought up was Dez Bryant’s catch in the playoffs a few years ago. In my infinite footballing knowledge (which ain’t much, comparatively speaking), I explained there’s a difference between being a runner and a receiver crossing the goal line. When I said it, I thought Dez was defined as a receiver and not a runner. Well, he may have been a runner, too.

What’s the difference? WHO KNOWS?

Watch Cowboy closely; Catch > step > step > step > goal line cross > ground pop>  re-catch = Incomplete.

Watch Eagle closely; Catch > step > step > step > goal line cross > ground pop > re-catch = Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, I thought that my interpretation of a touchdown was pretty secure. Then I saw the above video, again.

Have fun!

Franklin Jones

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