What In The World Is Going On?

Well…, I guess “Business Happens.”
Three of America’s biggest brands have either gone bankrupt, or purchased, in the last few months.

I realize, business happens. For anyone born in the ’70’s,…we’re not used to this. Anyone born when I was, doesn’t know anything else than America being #1, in everything. When companies like this fall, it’s pretty incomprehensible.
Having said this, I guess we’d better grow up and recognize that nothing is impenatrable, and everything is “on the table”.


  1. Capitalism at work. Everyone was enjoying the good times at became more risk tolerant. They truly did not know what they were investing in, just that they saw their balance sheets artificially inflated. Now they are shocked that this happened. Welcome to the real world of sound credit and personal/corporate responsibility! Everything will be fine as long as Washington don’t get involved!

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