What a Week… and Way to Go, Carl!!

CarlBlackstoneWhew. What a week, and I feel like I can exhale now. I’ve been holding Mary Clyde’s initial email in for a few weeks. I’d never met her, so I didn’t want to expose her thoughts for fear of embarrassing her or making her parents angry with me. After meeting her at Hammond, however, I felt comfortable posting her sweet email and writing a few thoughts about what was going on. While I felt it was still a little bit of a risk, I went with it. Holy moly, am I glad I did.

Thank you for all of the incredibly supportive thoughts and comments. Since she reached out to me, the only folks that knew anything about this were Jennifer, Mahalie, Amanda, Amy, and Elizabeth. To be blunt, given the sensitivity of everything, I’ve had a knot in my stomach and throat since Feb 6. Meeting Mary Clyde immediately took the pressure off, and the support of the post was an absolute explosion of admiration and appreciation of her memory of Kinsey. I hope Mary Clyde saw every like/comment/share… everything. Her story is far and away (I mean FAR. AND. AWAY.) the most-read post I’ve ever written.

Thank you for that!

Getting back to mainstream blog stuff… in Midland’s SC news I’m proud of my friend Carl Blackstone! While I was thumbing through Facebook earlier tonight I ran across the story that he’s to be named the new Chief Executive of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce. After reading a few sentences of the article I immediately yelled across the house and said, “Dang! Hey babe, look at this one!” One term comes to mind when I think of Carl Blackstone: solid.

I thought a lot of Ike McLeese. So much so, in fact, I felt compelled to write about our relationship the night of his funeral. The way Ike served the Midlands almost makes his former position more than a job, but an honor.

Well done, Carl Blackstone.  That is awesome news for our community, and I’m proud to know you!

Franklin Jones

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