Wesley | Phil Keeping SC Politics Reel

Pub Politics: Fun Way To Follow State House Issues
A few months ago Wesley Donehue, argueably South Carolina’s foremost political social media professional, introduced a 20 or 30 minute live show about cutting edge Internet tools and other cool stuff. About a month ago the show took a twist when Wesley (who is a Republican) invited Phil Bailey (Democrat) to join the program.

Wes and Phil meet almost every Thursday at a lively venue that’s clearly a ‘Happy Hour’. Lately they’ve had a good mix of reporters and different members of the state legislature. The show has become a freelance, no pressure round table discussion about what’s going on in the statehouse.

Today’s guest was Rep. Nathan Ballentine (R-Lexington/Richland). Nathan is also a mortgage professional with Wells-Fargo with whom some of my buyers use. Nathan does a good job for my clients. Further, he manages and balances his professional and public service duties, respectively.

Good for these guys for finding a fun way to bring small (but many times important) banter to a dead simple Internet platform.

Keep it going Wesley and Phil. I had fun sponsoring this week. Lets to do it again soon!

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