Welcome To The Neighborhood, Henry!

This afternoon we all carpooled to Tazza Kitchen @ Trenholm Plaza to celebrate Elizabeth Woodring Ross and the almost arrival of her son, Stephen Henry Ross, Jr.

If you know us, you’re aware we don’t need a reason to go out. That said, we used Elizabeth’s soon to be here child to do just that. 🙂

When Amanda, Amy, and I started working together there was one child between the three of us named Lee Payne. Fast forward to the pic above, Henry will be #10.

It’s no secret my relationship with Elizabeth transcends real estate sales. Simply and clearly put, we’ve changed each other’s lives. This single blog post changed both of our careers. Much further, remember this? Remember this? How ’bout this?

To fill some of you in, I’m typing this between my late wife’s birth date and death date. If you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up, click a few of the links in the paragraph above. I’m telling you, Elizabeth Woodring Ross and I are far beyond bricks and mortar and/or neighborhood price/foot. We are hundreds of sales, countless tears, and even more laughs.

Congratulations to my friend and colleague Elizabeth Ross. I don’t see her husband, Stephen, enough but I know he’s one awesome man who adores his wife and is over the top happy and anxious to be the father of the century to their son, Henry.

We love you Elizabeth and are so happy for you and your family!!!

Franklin Jones

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