Welcome To The Neighborhood, Meghan Suddeth Hesley!

As many of you know, Meghan jumped the gun on me blogging about our announcement regarding her joining The Neighborhood. To make it a little bit worse, she blamed it on one of her daughters saying, “My kid made me do it.” MmmmmHmmmm..

Come to find out, I got the results of her DISC Personality Assessment and she can get up in the ’90s with her “D” (Driver). This isn’t a good or bad thing, it’s just who she is. What this score tells me is that she had ants in her pants and couldn’t wait to get her news out.

That all said, Welcome To The Neighborhood & Keller Williams Palmetto, Meghan Suddeth Hesley!!!

Meghan and I met at another real estate firm where she started her career about a year before me. I think it was around 2003-2004. We were both single practitioners then, as real estate teams weren’t really a thing in Columbia, SC back then (I’ll dive deeper on that in a later blog post).

Fast forward a few years and she got engaged to super awesome, Josh Hesley. Somewhere along the line, they decided to move to Atlanta after their wedding. During this transition time, Meghan joined the team whereby she trusted us to take care of her clients and later her referrals. I was flattered, to say the least.

The second picture above is the original, “Team Franklin,” at Meghan’s wedding 11 years ago (I know this b/c Facebook just reminded everyone that was tagged).

Josh and Meghan moved back to Columbia/Heathwood a few years ago and have two awesome daughters. Meghan and I have been discussing her re-entry and re-joining the team for some time now, and as many of you know from her post, is officially back!

Call or text Meghan at 803-665-8844. Her email is Meghan@TheNeighborhoodRE.com & her website is Meghan.TheNeighborhoodRE.com

Congratulations, Meghan, and welcome (BACK) to the team!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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