Welcome Home Amanda Quick Payne

After six months of preparation, the worst kept secret in downtown real estate circles is finally official. 🙂

In the world of real estate, career changing events don’t come along very often. Sure, selling a high priced home or listing a neighborhood is a happy event, but a real game changer can be a difficult thing to achieve.

This weekend we solidified such an event as Amanda Q. Payne joined me at Coldwell Banker United, Realtors – Midtown. Amanda is a fantastic Realtor and a top shelf asset to our brand.

As I strive to continue to grow this real estate practice, Amanda is a perfect fit. She and I will combine our time and talents to maximize each other’s assets.

Amanda and I met in a little pink house on Bagnal Dr. in the first few months of my career. We were previewing the new listing, introduced ourselves and struck up an instant friendship. Ever since meeting at the pink house we’ve barbed, joked and recruited each other over and over again. In short, this has been a long time in the making.

I represent quite a number of listings for sale in the Greater Columbia area. Amanda will communicate with sellers and represent buyers from the different web and print media on which we have a presence. Being part of a real estate team doesn’t necessarily mean that we “share” clients. It does however mean that our time will be strategically leveraged for our clients benefit, which will propel us to the next level and enable us to give a higher level of service.

I’m flattered and humbled that Amanda has decided to bring her work ethic and professionalism to the team. She’s built a successful career in her own right and will only expand on this success at the dominant downtown real estate firm. Further still, Amanda arguably has the nicest voice in the business.

As for our clients this is a win, win, win. Our Buyers and Sellers will be the great beneficiaries of her move and will undoubtedly feel the effects of our combined efforts.

Amanda’s transition and our work ethic notwithstanding, we recognize our success still lies with our friends and referrals. Having said this, I have to thank everyone for being a part of one of the best real estate networks in South Carolina. The addition of Amanda Q. Payne strengthens our network exponentially.

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