Welcome Back Home, Beamer Family!

Imma just get right to it: I’m a fan of Shane Beamer being the Head Coach of the UofSC Gamecock Footballing Program.

I watched the presser at my desk and read a lot of the comments. Some were dumb af, and some were deep football strategery. That said, two fun ones really stood out from the rest. (and then the consensus ones).

1 – “Get those superstars on the sidelines on Saturdays.” In the presser, Shane mentioned some Gamecock greats that lobbied or rooted him on as the man for the job. This would be a big deal. I’m aware that most of the big dogs the commenter was speaking of are currently playing on Sundays. That said, if the players that Shane recruited or played when Shane was a coach here would make an appearance when they could, would receive an incalculable return for the program.

2 – “This is a coach I can get drunk and fight for!” Well, that’s somethin’…and if a tailgater is fired up and willing to walk up the steps and yell for Shane & Co., that’s awesome!!!!!!!!!

While my shortlist of two points may be good reading, here’s the thing, and the underlying theme of what is going on across Gamecock Nation.

Shane is passionate about this. He wants to be here. This attitude is a big deal for his players, staff, program, and all Gamecocks. Truth told it’s a big deal for the Midlands.  This is a culture thing.

To put this in real estate terms, the football program is the front porch of the university. The University of South Carolina is the front porch of The Midlands of South Carolina.

I got to know the Beamers when they were selling their home in Greenhill Parrish. I know first-hand that they love Columbia, and damn’t, that’s a big deal, and quite frankly, the difference for me.

Given all this, at the moment, I don’t care if he wins or loses…until he does. Until one happens, I think we have a man and family we can rally around and give a chance, and a familial push, to take us to the next levels.

Congratulations to Shane, Emily, and their beautiful family as they return to Columbia, SC!

Thank You!

Franklin Jones

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