We Should Go Over & Pick Up A Tray…

Cola Sending Message By “Liking” This F’Book Page
Good food, spacious areas, caring service, and familial atmosphere make ‘S&S’ a fun and comfy place to hang out with friends/family.

In case you haven’t heard, employees and patrons learned of S&S’s fate from a note on the door, explaining that the restaurant would be closing soon. The company states they need 1,000 more customers/week, than the current 5,500. Admittedly, I don’t know anything about the ‘eatin business,’ but it seems to me that given such a following, something can be done to keep S&S in it’s current spot.

Fans & customers have become proactive in the effort by constructing the “SAVE S&S CafeteriaFacebook Page. Of course, I joined immediately, and ask you to click the link and do the same.

I have no idea what kind of profit the owners need to show to keep ‘S&S’ open. That said, if the Columbia store is performing in some sort of profit gray area, we’d like to ask the owners to give our community a chance to make it work. After all, some folks only know performance from standing in a line that reaches from the silverware to the cash register, which seems 100+ deep. I mean, we just didn’t know any different….

BTW…My grandparents, dad and uncle dine at ‘S&S’ at least four times weekly. It’s worth mentioning not ONE of them have a Facebook page to ‘click’ their support to “SAVE S&S.” There’s no telling how many “Likes” the page would get.

Some of you may think it’s a little corny to write about a cafeteria, but to me it’s an important place. S&S Cafeteria provided an outlet for my grandparents and I to get to know one another better. It (along with breakfasts at Lizard’s-Beltline) also served as a place for me meet their friends, from whom I’ve heard hilarious stories and learned countless lessons. We often joke with my buds, “I may have learned more at ‘S&S’, than I did in school.” For me, time with them at S&S is priceless.

Facebook or not, it’s time for me to stroll down that open hallway and pick up a tray.

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