We May Have a Top 10 Team!!!

We had a big time, in the ole’ town tonight.

After being trapped under tents for about 30 minutes due to a mini-monsoon, Gamecock Nation made its way to Williams-Brice to cut some Top 10 Kentucky a**.

When the rain let up, most of us were drenched. My soaked britches probably added 10 lbs to my weight. I don’t remember it raining like that before a game since my freshman year. That game against East Carolina was unreal. It downpoured the whole time.

To heck with all of that, though. We may be breaking the Top 10!!! Dare we say that we may be going into Tennessee sniffing the Top 5?

A win like this is great. Not only for football purposes, but because Columbia seems to get a little “pep in its step” for a few days after the Gamecocks win. Even though we were all out late (that’s the price of hosting Thursday night football), Columbia should be spinning right now!

P.S. Everyone that owns a Cockominium or a Parking Spot may have enjoyed a little equity boost tonight… Nice!

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