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Friendly Competitors Won’t Be REALTORS Anymore
The largest real estate firm in the Midlands has (unofficially, at present) decided to end their relationship with our professional trade organization.

I heard on the street that many agents haven’t paid or don’t have any interest in paying their ‘REALTOR dues,’ which isn’t uncommon in today’s environment. As the rules go, however, the company has to pick up the slack for those who refuse to pay. From the article in The State Newspaper, Russell & Jeffcoat executives tout that the company has 450 agents. Simple math shows that 450 REALTORS x $400 dues = $180,000. No doubt, it’s quite a blow.
The argument that the benefits don’t justify the cost may not be a great example of ‘smoke and mirrors,’ but fogged glass sounds appropriate. Focusing on legislative issues alone (for brevity), the REALTOR Association tackles a plethora of issues the ‘lay agent’ doesn’t even think about. The list is endless but a few issues that come to mind in South Carolina are: property taxes, deed stamps, ‘takings’ legislation, water rights, contract law, ‘Point of Sale’ legislation, building codes, sprinkler mandates, and eminent domain to name a few.
I enjoy working with my friendly competitors at Russell & Jeffcoat. That said, I can’t imagine that this is a popular move amongst their top producers. Further, it’s going to be very interesting how long it takes the company to change every sign, web page, and business card within their organization as they can no longer advertise the term “REALTOR.”
We’ll see how all of this shakes out, or if an alternative measure comes about. In the meantime however, being a (YOUR) REALTOR is part of our brand… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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