Watch Your Squirrel…

“A squirrel is to a home’s chimney, as a mouse is to an elephant’s trunk.” FJ This is now first hand knowledge…

A chimney sweep took a look at our chimney and lo and behold, he found some blockage. A 20 pound squirrel’s nest to be more specific. A 20 POUND NEST IN OUR CHIMNEY!!!!!!! Jenna said that he pulled 3 big bags worth of crap out of our chimney. We were all stunned.

In our case, it isn’t the “chimney” that vents a fireplace. This is the chimney that many of us have that vents the furnace to the outside. In short, our house almost burned down because of a gigantic nest. The blockage was forcing the heat back down into the furnace, which is in the basement. Oooooof.

I will be doing more of 1 or 2 things from now on: 1) Attempting to have the HVAC company inspect chimneys during the standard HVAC inspection. 2) Have a chimney inspection during the 10 day “inspection” period. Either way, this was a learning experience…


  1. forge ahead says

    i actually had a squirel’s nest and the squirrel get loose due to the chimney…that was fun. I recommend a high powered bb gun for starters (scope if your like)..and a yearly sweep from your man in the top hat

  2. forge ahead,

    No question. Mr. Squirrel almost burned the house down.

    We looking into exhausting the furnace somewhere else (other than the chimney).

    Are you a good BB shot?

  3. Nice typo!

    “We’re looking into exhausting…”

    It’s late. OOof. 🙂

  4. anonymous,

    I just read about your squirrel nest. Those damn things.
    Remember when I had the dead squirrel in my driveway?!?

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