Walk for Life, Is Sort of a Big Deal

Columbia Shows Up, For A Cure. Pink Everywhere.
You know how you go to a family wedding or funeral, and say to a cousin, “It’s funny what brings us together. We only see each other at funerals, or weddings!” Well, the walk is sort of like that. It brings an enormous family together, to celebrate survivors and remember those that have been taken by the disease.
The First Ladies Walk for Life, is really something to see. Thousands from all walks of life, meet at Finlay Park on a fall Saturday morning for a common cause; To find a cure for one of this worlds awful diseases.
If you know me, you know I know breast cancer first hand. If you don’t know me, then believe me when I tell you that it absolutely sucks.
It’s a good feeling, to see all of these people come to The Walk. Companies, groups of friends, clubs, teams and individuals show up in some sort of pink, to stroll three miles through the streets of downtown Columbia. It’s a great symbol.
If you’ve never done it, you need to. It’s a fun way to get together, while reminding ourselves about the terrible disease that takes so many innocent, needed and loved women (and men).
Whoever you walk for, good for you….


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