Waiting Too Long Can Bite You!!!

So after not being able to start my laptop, intermittently, for several days and nights in a row, I started to think, “OK, this thing is on it’s way out. I’m finally going to try an Apple”

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon and I missed a ZOOM call that I scheduled, which was pretty embarrassing. So, I scooped up the twins and we went to Best Buy on Two Notch Road in the Northeast area of Columbia. All the way to the store I was on the phone asking my friends and colleagues, “Air or Pro?..Air or Pro?”

When we arrived squirted sanitizer and put our masks on like good little committed consumers. As we approached, “Sir, do you know what you want or would you like some help?” Well, I answered, I’m going to buy something and I have a few questions.” She proceeded to call an employee over and we all walked towards the laptops.

I asked, “OK, I just need to know one thing. Do I want an Air or a Pro?” He answered, “What do you do with your laptop, sir? I said, “Email and Internet (After he asked this I knew where we were headed which was great because his answer was about to be the less expensive one). “You want the Air. The Pro is overkill for what you’re gonna use it for.” he answered, professionally.

Me – “Ok let’s go, I’ll take it.”

Him – “We don’t have any in stock.”

Me – “What?” (I was shocked, then I felt like a dumbass for not calling first.)

Him – “Yessiiirr, we won’t have any until the 28th.”

Me – “WwhuttT’, NnowwW?” with my eyebrows now raised to the top of my head. (I have a slight panic of WTF??? am I gonna do without a laptop for 10 days.)

First of all, it didn’t even occur to me to call and ask about inventory before we hauled ourselves out to the store. Second, it was a reminder of how backed up the pipeline for products is right now. COVID, made in China, back to school purchases, combined with the Tax-Free Weekend South Carolina just enjoyed, no Best-Buy in the Midlands is going to have an Apple MacBook Air for 10 days.

We looked at shipping methods and at the time I was in the store, delivery would have been six days at best. 😐

Fast forward to tonight and how I’m able to type this post – a friend and neighbor of mine, Steelman Ketchum, let me use one of his so I could get through the days and night of a dead Lenovo beside me.

Thank you, Steelman! So far so good!!!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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